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Bollywood Starlet keen to have Cyclone named after her UnNews Logo Potato.png

17 May 2008

'Cyclone Bipasha' would bring sexiness to horrifying destruction.

Indian Sex Symbol (voted sexiest south asian woman of the year 2007, lest we forget) Bipasha Basu has revealed that she would love to have a Cyclone named after her, as her co-star Katrina Kaif and 1950's Bollywood legend Nargis have been name-checked.

"I think, that with my reputation as the new Sophia Loren[1], and with my international standing as a global sex symbol who can induce paroxisms of sperm to explode from even the most gayest of men, I think it is only fitting that my status as an international Diva be honoured with the naming of some natural disaster - either a Cyclone or Hurricane, I am really not fussy - in my honour".

The Modull-turned-Actress, fresh from being beastly to some trafficked South Asian women almost certain to end up in brothels models in Dubai at a perfume launch, revealed the reason for her sullen behaviour over the previous days was a realisation that death and pestilence could have been made sexier if she was involved.

"I was soooooooooooo jealous of Katrina Kaif when the US Weather Authorities announced they had named a Hurricane after her in 2005. She was just starting out then - and what a boost she got! I am certain that if the Asian Meteorological Agencies could only do - as they have for the late Bollywood film star [2]Nargis - and think to name some freak weather event after little old me, Bipasha Basu, the most sexy woman of South Asian origin in 2007, then, for years afterwards, my name would be remembered with the sheer sexy impact that it truly deserves."

The beard actress revealed that she had asked her on-off boyfriend, John 'Zoolander' Abraham to get her a Hurricane as a present for her next birthday, at which she would be 25. Again.