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Barack Obama scores big win in Spanish Primary UnNews Logo Potato.png

9 March 2008

MADRID -- Senator Barack Obama (D - IL full name, Barack Hitler Obama), scored a major victory against Democratic rival Senator Hilary Clinton (D - NY) in the recent Spanish Primary. Spaniards turned out in large numbers to cast their votes, citing a negative political climate, the economy and immigration as major issues. Analysts point to Obama's current momentum and the recent ineffectiveness of the Clinton Machine, as well as other buzz words as being large factors in the Obama victory.

Despite Spain being cited as a "must-win" contest for the Senator from New York, the Clinton campaign tried to down play the significance of the results by stating "We don't look at this a major loss considering no delegates were awarded, as this was not part of the current primary cycle, but actually unrelated races in another country". However, Obama supporters have responded by calling these remarks "hypocrisy", claiming that the Clinton campaign is fighting to seat delegates from Michigan and Florida, while at the same time trying to silence the voice of Spanish voters.