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2 October 2021

The Pentagon later revealed that all 38,000,000 casualties, including military allies and, controversially, a number of U.S. citizens, had been terrorists.

FORMER AFGHANISTAN, The Middle East -- News from abroad; coming at the tail end of the Western nation's troop withdrawal, unmanned United States aircraft deployed a series of powerful explosives over Afghanistan, destroying all known human life in the country. General Brenda Denanden Heath Tumerlich advised that the strike was made after counter-intelligence operations had provided the Pentagon with credible evidence that an act of terror was happening somewhere, presumably within the Middle Eastern country.

We asked local Michigan baker Lois Anna Reeldjik for her thoughts on the operation.

"Oh, well, we shouldn't be doing that."

U.S. community organisers have scheduled a short memorial service for the 38 million lives lost which will take place in a month's time so as not to interfere with the ongoing commemorations of the twentieth anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy, to which our coverage will now return.