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10 June 2008

Ever since a certain probe had landed on Mars, the Earth has been and continues to be invaded by aliens of one sort or another. First it was the "Batfish Alien", now this happens.

Recently, a British woman had discovered that she was invaded by aliens from another planet. The mites invaded everywhere, including her breasts, which expanded, her nipples then became hard as steel and tore out of her bra and shirt. Then these nasty things got into her vagina, and made her clitoris also steel hard as well, and it cut her panties and her pants to shreds, leaving her naked, her 28DDDDs exposed. She was found on the ground breathing heavily and screaming about these little monsters in her vagina and clitoris that invaded her one day and gave her one hell of a orgasm after another.

The British Emergency Services then took her "to Hospital" and found the little monsters all over her. One British doctor made the witty comment that he should breed these damn things and sell them AS masturbation aids in which people no longer have to do themselves. Instead, he claimed, the little buggers could masturbate people themselves.

The woman has 28DDDD Breasts,19 waist, 28 ass, is blond, is NOT fat at all.

Since the mites had invaded her, she has become a international Porn star making Millions in Euros.