UnNews:Air France takes attempt on 'Aetropolics'

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Air France takes attempt on 'Aetropolics' UnNews Logo Potato.png

4 July 2008

PARIS (DUH), FRANCE - Tonight, Air France will try out their new invention in Aetropolics [ay·trow·pol·icks], the art of fusing an airplane with a railroad, and succeeding at it. Aetropolics was first tried out by Microsoft during the Microsoft Plans to take over the World Convention, MicroPHTKVTCKT. That very attempt disassembled the Microsoft Plans HQ and postponed the Convention to next Thursday.

Air France claims that such an act could help prevent fuel costs, as trains are magically moved on railroads, so claim French scientists. Air France claims that further on in the future, in 2012, the destruction of Earth, aetropolics may be the main source of transportation for most of the European countries. How this could be, is still unknown.

The use of wings during railroad transportation is still quite questionable, as wings are wider than a regular train itself, and can cause the Aetropolic plane to get stuck between just about anything. Air France selects to sell all wings of the planes to a plane wing buyer... guy and get refunds on flight equipment.

The train replacing planes are to transport people to other places faster in the future, than ever before. All planes of Air France are to be replaced with wingless "Tranes". Soon, airplanes and possibly even cruise ships will be entirely useless in the futuristic way of fast, on-ground travel.