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"V for Vendetta" sequel begins filming in Kentucky UnNews Logo Potato.png

27 November 2006

V flaunts the FBI and the FAA simultaneously.

Following the success of the Wachowski brothers' film V for Vendetta, Kentucky filmmakers the Fugate brothers have begun work on a sequel, F fer Feudin'.

The film stars Larry the Cable Guy as the mysterious F, a freedom fighter whose face is constantly hidden beneath an oversize novelty cowboy hat with eyeholes cut out. At no point is his face ever revealed, although at one point, part of his mullet is visible. He teams up with a young woman called Effie-May (Shania Twain) to break the power of the fascist organisation known as the MGC Evul Rev-nooers Brigade. MGC stands for Moonshine, Guns and Chaw; the organisation is loosely based upon the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, although the ATF agents are rarely foppish dandies with exaggerated New England accents.

"We all liked that thar V movie," says producer Frank-Hank Fugate, "'Ceptin as how it wuz all English and Commie, like. Se we's made us up a better one, about a hero freedom fighter's struggle to keep the Fedral gubiment out of states rights."

The film has already attracted some controversy, having been criticised for glorifying terrorism, in the scene where F blows up the Frankfort offices of the Fish and Wildlife Service. But rather than backing down in the face of criticism, director Zeke-Bob Fugate has gone on the attack, angrily denouncing the FWS for refusing to allow him to blow up the real office. "We's had to build us one out of cardboard and tarpaper!" he angrily declared at a press conference, "It don't look real, nohow, nosir!"

F fer Feudin' is scheduled for release in mid 2014. It stars Larry the Cable Guy, Shania Twain, Kenny Rogers, and Jeff Foxworthy with John Vernon as the Director of the MGC.