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30 January 2009

Ofcom (Office of Communications) recieved over ten complaints this morning after a Weatherman reporting for BBC news suggested that the cold weather England had been suffering from lately was a result of the lack of warm weather. Bill Williamson said this comment while holding a stick and pointing to a wall which had a map of Britain projected onto it. "Generally, when the sun is not out it is cold" he said, continuing, "This cold weather is often a result of the lack of heat which would normally be brought about by the sun". As well as the ten complaints, a further three people have called for the resignation of Mr Williamson stating that, "Sometimes it is cold even when the sun is out".

Ofcom have decided that in order to evaluate whether or not these three people are correct they should define, preferably in temperature, what is cold and what is hot. The BBC told the press in a brief conference that they had temporarily suspended Mr Williamson on the grounds of being 'Drunk and Disorderly'.

Supporters of Bill Williamson, including family and friends, have suggested that the people who complained against him were probably the same people who complained about Jonathan Ross (Ross had been temporarily suspended for his impromptu Sex Education broadcast on the radio which upset many elderly couples who had tuned in for The Archers) and therefore their opinions should be disregarded.