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The novel The Rezorkful Book of Cheats is also available in paperback.

The Rezorkful Book of Cheats was written by the Real life Grue Slayer, so that you don't have to buy any of the Over Large Book of Cheats books by 3rd parties because Unfocom lose profits. The cheats contained range from getting a penny to winning the game.

Here are a few useful cheats for those who don't want to pay GrueSlayer any money[edit]

Ultimate Cheat go to any page in any of the four Zork games[edit]

Use the Cheat (NOTE:Random selection. Entering code wrong may cause permanent damage to the Computer game inserted. If The game stops working after this please contact http://www.unfocom.com/Helpforum)

You can use these cheats in the main game[edit]

The following cheats are good for PvP[edit]

Cheat codes for Zork 2[edit]

Cheats for Zork 3[edit]