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Bach's Car is uh chew chew train!

Bach's Car rides a real weigh track to where it's Bonnie May.

He dress sell her ates to the stay shun for pass send sures two dais.

All fast send are his buck hulls, not till Ted hiss is 'fraid.

The at most spear is wander fell; the trip is real he grate!

In deaf fend ding reign or dark chest flog, his piss tons rum bull threw.

In sum times ruff he's of his path to get a which his brew!

Pub lick cars, smore key in gin, cab moose and Bach's Car too!

They awl chute speedy Lee and safe, manned by a cape a bull crew!

Hoe bows all weighs call Bach home, on wend he day or flew hearse bloom.

The inter calm tells them hall whose the bright or groom.

Please sent or mean, itch or pore, Bach's Car as hots of room.

He care he's eve we one even when desk crime in nation looms!

Four vole ledges along dust tense off he's thud two be a boon.

Better then smell Rose Boat on her blue leg goon.

Butter then old Holly Copter who's cup rafts make her swoon.

And Bach's ninth con chair toe is his favour writ tune!

But it gaits sad the mete row line won diver let him slide.

They awl get laugh at Chairing Crust tug hatch a bus and ride.

Bach is left to gravel dust he just sat their and cried.

And in a mum meant a rash in hell he shot himself and died!