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Uh-huh-huh-huh...is a a government usage term that is secret to genuises and losers. The term uh has several usages that'll be described in this, uhhh... thing.


Long ago, when themoon was still extremely retarded, the word uhhh... was still used by modern ancient ansesters. If you are CHEESE know the answer to a problem, saying uhhh will up your IQ and make you smarter. For example:

Teacher: Now Billy, what is one plus one?
  Billy: Uhhhh...
Teacher: That's correct! You clearly know the answer already. As a reward, let's get off.

Speaking of getting off, when a girl says "uhhh" while engaging in off-getting, she is really using the government coding to say, "Stop it you motherfucker!"


Uhh was a language so advanced that it was used during the Greenland Missile Crises on February 30th 4,500BC in which toilets were clogged. The U.S. government was going to crash unless a language was made it.They had a 5 second scedule, so the President said Uhhh. Ever since then the word was used to the government.

Uhhhh himself

Uhhh was a bastard child to hmmm and umm. He was the least care for child in his classes. His only date was his hand, and so he resulted giving his hand an orgy.His parents paid for his college, but he wasn't admitted because of his worst enemy going there was threatening the community. So he lived in a cardboard box. The rest is not important since he just sat there and shitting his pants. When the government was at that location during the Geenland missile crises, he just said uhhh when the president needed a new national language. Since then, rap has turned you youth into cavemen and dinosaurs steeped on us and the rest is history. Uhhhh died when the president tried his "ass to fire trick" Uhhhs ass caught on fire and he was at the hospital. They chopped off his ass and replaced it with a hot girl. He was still depressed and he committed suicide. Uhh also killed 30000000 people in his lifetime your mom was one of them.

Household Uses[edit]

In the year 2006, a group of 20 geneticists, known officially as G.O.D.(Geneticist's Operating Disasters), were having a nice coffee break when Purwillus Jones spilled some of his coffee into the breading tank. This led to a new species that was a mix between a fish, duck, walrus, and donkey. G.O.D. decided they would have to destroy these accidental creations, but Purwillus Jone's daughter had come that day on a "Take your Child to Work Day" and gave the "googley eyed treatment" which made Purwillus Jones let his daughter keep them as pets. This caught on around the town, and soon a name was needed for this new bread. G.O.D. held many sessions to decide a name for the creature, but the only word ever spoken was "uh..." so this became the name of the new species. Uhs are now a common pet found in many households, as the demand for this pet keeps on rising. Uhs can swim, fly, sunbathe, and say "Hee haw". For ordering information, see your local pet store, search in the classifieds, or call us at (123) 456-7890.

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