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Thursday, also known as pre-Friday[edit]

Thursday has been known throughout the world as pre-Friday ever since Friday came out. Thursday was everyone's favorite game for centuries, as being a sequel to Wednesday: Humpday. Thursday had all kinds of features,such as Thanksgiving, boring T.V. shows, football, and sometimes birthdays and Christmas! An added bonus is that it came out on the PlayStation 2, which was already pretty badass at the time. Then, along came Father time came along and released Friday: Weekends beginning. Everybody sold their Thursday and bought a Friday. Nowadays, Thursday is favorited only by those who don't do anything afterward.

The only current use for Thursday

Thursday, the afteryears[edit]

Today, you can find Thursday on the side of the street, begging for money whilst shooting up. Do not give him money. He will just use it to buy more heroin.