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The Streets is the name of the rap/r&b project of the chav singer Mike Skinner. Mike Skinner's tunes recorded as the Streets marked the first attempt to add a degree of idiocy to Britain's deepcore ultra-hardstepgarage/23-step/4/4-breakstep-grimestep scene. Skinner, a Cheltenham native who've went to London to see the Big Ben, but had missed his bus home, was an outsider in the quickstep-garage-hardtrance scene, though his first music appeared on "Sod Off" Records, the best source for speed-tech-hardstep-nugrime-garage and, later, 32-step-beatstep-breaks from 1998 to the end of the millennium. Skinner grew up in northern Wales as well as in Cheltenham, and listened first to the Sugarbabes, then barmy hardcore and hard house-trance. Skinner did his first tunes at the age of 3, and during the late '00s, was trying to sell drugs so he could buy a house and get some roof to sleep underneath, but ended up with a record deal which he got in exchange of three eighths. Skinner has often been mocked because of his mock-cockney accent, and this must continue. The Streets Music is written by Chaz N Dave

Last year a judge concluded that the music of Mike Skinner was a complete ripoff of the music of MC Devvo And DJ Shady Pies , Skinner is since then obliged to pay reparations and royalties to MC Devvo in retrospect for stealing his complete image and musical style.

The Debut Of Mike Skinner[edit]

Mike Skinner is a tryhard black and should stick to English stuff like rock & roll. Which is why he joined the pommy Band "McFly" and he was the lead singer from 1999 - 2002. When he went solo and tried to become a rapper, he took credit for the song "Dry your eyes." After Skinner had released his first album in 2002, journalists across the globe went mental for interviewing him, also salivating over his records, treating him as the new chav saviour of the universe. The amounts of cocaine and sexual favors that was offered to him was incredible. The ploppy records that he had released so far was nothing in proportion to the amount of hype that the album got. Everybody wanted to hug Mike when he went across the globe, spreading the gospel with thoughtfull poetry such as:

  • "No more smoking weed, Oi, I'm so wasted allready, So I don't need"
  • "Kids on whiz, darlings sniffing thinner, all come togheter for bullying Mike Skinner"
  • "Don't forget the Rizla, KFC is what we'll eat today, ya?"
  • "Drunken disorder? Yeah yeah, drunken disorderly, tell the captain and his crew, I'm me and I'm you"
  • "Gimme A burger and chips, and some coke please. No tomatoes or gerkins. Not a problem I'll pick them out"
  • "When you're a famous whore, it gets really easy to get johns. It's all so easy that you get a bit spoiled"
  • "Fancy a fag? no wait I am one allready"
  • "He drinks a whisky drink, He drinks a vodka drink, He drinks a lager drink, He drinks a cider drink, He sings the songs that remind him of the good times, He sings the songs that remind him of the better times."

He's up there with the likes of Shelley and Yeats according to most poethic scholars.

Second effort[edit]

His second album didn't fare as well as the first. Mainly because journalists, media-wannabes and anybody who had ears to listen to this album noted that the amount of hype for the first album was totaly not deserved. Because of this, Mike Skinner resented to read gossip papers like The Sun and wanking strangers in dark corners to satisfy his harsch PS2 and gossip paper addiction.

Third Album[edit]

In 2006 Mike Skinner returned with the single "I'M A FUCKIN CELEBRITY, HAHA, you are not one, you stupid, normal person! HAR HAR HAR HAR, I'll get more women on one night than you get in your life". It was a great hit with his chavy audience. It was part of his third album, that featured songs like:

  • "All you stupid twats that isn't famous, like me"
  • "The Most famous man in history, is me"
  • "Kiss Me I'm Famous, I'M FAMOUS"


  • Original Chavster Veneria(2002)
  • A cunt (like me) don't come alone(2004)
  • The Easiest Way To Make A Luxury Slacker Living (2006)


  • Have I cummed to this? (2001/2002)
  • Let's plop things forward (2002)
  • The weak become junkies (2002)
  • The irony of my arse(2002)
  • I'm fat but I know it (2004)
  • Wipe your arse, Mate (2004)
  • Empty piss cans(2004)
  • I'M A FUCKIN CELEBRITY, HAHA, you are not one, you stupid, normal person! HAR HAR HAR HAR, I'll get more women on one night than you get in your life (2006)
  • Never went beserk (2006)
  • Don't wet yourself
  • I'm not addicted ( that much )
  • The ABC (how to learn it)

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