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Swint Hall is a building on Wheeling Jesuit University that is in a constant state of flux. As a result, the hour that would normally be dedicated as "lunchtime" in Swint Hall lasts from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. Real Time. Swint Hall is the location of many of WJU's more important capacities, including Residence Life, The Benedum Room, Das Rathskellar, and, until 2003, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, which has since burnt down. The building is closely monitored by the League of Evil due to its importance as a campus nexus.


Swint Hall was constructed in 1956 to serve the student body. It was built with the Souls of the Damned, explaining why Demons are quite attracted to the locale. It has since been added onto many times: the Troy Theater was built on the anniversary of the Sack of Troy in 1963, the Satellite Bay was built in secret in 1970, and Swint Hall Annex was constructed under Father Rom's presidency with his implementation of his controversial "Lebensraum" movement.


Because of Swint Hall's importance as part of WJU's infrastructure, it has been the staging ground for numerous skirmishes throughout its history. Clock Spider has attempted to eat the building three times, and it was almost bombed in 1994 by the International Student Terror Cell, although no one was ever arrested. Most recently, El Presidente attempted to launch a coup against the reigning Student Government. He installed himself as dictator for 8 months before being forced to resign.

In 2003, it was reported that two ninjas were seen on top of Swint Hall. This has never been confirmed.


Swint Hall was actually supposed to named "Smint Hall", after the breath-freshener, but some blonde undoubtedly hung the W upside-down. The Board of Governors was too damn lazy to fix it, so the name "Swint" remains to this day.

So Why The Hell Does No One Call It The "William And Mary Student Center", Or Whatever The Hell It Says Above The Entrance?[edit]

Because they are shape-shifters.

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