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Founded by a visiting troupe of organ-grinders, Wheeling Jesuit's Benedum Room is famous for its sub-par cuisine. In fact, if students were not forced by the late innovation promulgated by the former ruling Junta of the 20th of September to purchase meal plans, there would be no patronage.

Early History[edit]

Archeological excavations in the Benedum Room have revealed that at one time quality food was to be had in abundance. It was thought that this occurred during the period of Jesuit history memorialised in the famous novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". However, the Period of the Three Jesuit Kingdoms was brought to an end when Fed Acker Huang conquered the neighbouring Jesuit Kingdom of Sara Tracy (in more ways than one!) and declared himself "Supreme Emperor of Heaven". He then had his Senior Minister burn all records of the previous existence. He also embarked on an intense building programme, culminating in the post-modernist Heavenly Palace of Robert C. Byrd and the immense Great Wall of West Liberty. Fed Acker Huang, in an attempt to bend the population of the University to his will, contracted with the Sodex-Horde, from the Steppes to the North of the University.

Democracy, then Autocratic Rule[edit]

Eventually, Fed Acker Huang over-stepped the bounds of good taste and he was overthrown. For a brief time, the University was run by a democratic regime, the Council of About Twenty Dudes and Two Hot Chicks. This regime attempted to undo much of the damage done by Fed Acker Huang. The Council attempted to remove the Sodex-Horde from the university grounds, but they were held back in the Battle of Campion 365 by the famous German Pop band Dschinghis Khan (not to be confused with the Dschinghis Khan Protectorate, after whom the band is named), who performed their smash hit "Sahara". After the defeat of the Council's forces, the Sodex-Horde installed a military Junta, the Junta of the 20th of September as a puppet regime. For many years, the Junta ruled the school with an iron fist, through its "Cardinal Revolutionary Council," which oversaw elections.

A Change in Management[edit]

With the release of "The Rocking Son of Dschinghis Khan", the Sodex-Horde found itself at odds with the ruling Junta. After a pitched battle, the Sodex-Horde found itself dispossessed. The Junta then brought in the Parkhurst entity to administer the Benedum Room. After an initial improvement in food quality, there was a massive decline, leading to the Great Famine of 2004. There was a push by the heroic Churchill Society, Wheeling to remove Parkhurst, but it was unsuccessful.

The Future[edit]

Given its tempestuous past, none know what lies in the future for the Benedum Room. Predictions of nuclear-powered food generation have proven unsuccessful. Current projects include replacing cooks with unstable Artificial Intelligences armed with 105mm Howitzers to ensure "customer satisfaction." Hopes for the return of the Sodex-Horde under the banner of the new "Dschinghis Khan Family" have proven similary unfulfilled. It seems that things will continue just as before, despite the deposal of the Junta in early 2005.

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