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"Hundred year'n since m'folks had first settled this plantation, m'grandaddy done came over on the Mayflower..." Virginian landowner Grimwood Jefferson Death was proud to announce in his diary of September 22nd 1728, "he done bought this land for three beads and a stick of chewin' bacca from some passing Algonquian."

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"Four hundred good acres producing the finest cotton and molasses in the 'Old Dominion', hunting and trapping wild animals, m'boys and some of m'neighbors that I employ make a mighty fine livin', mighty fine. M'boys have benefited from a schoolin', can read, write and do 'rythmatics, and I have become a man of great influence throughout the state. The Good Lord has blessed us, indeed. Hope nobody ever enforces a policy of enslavement and transportation....oh crap..."

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