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“It's like...I'm not really here...I'm just like, a flicker of light time, man. Who turned off Lou Reed, Man?”

~ Oscar Wilde on smack

A subcategory of the heroin-like opiate heroin, Smack is one of the many "designer" drugs currently popular amongst the farming and naval communities of northern Europe. A purification of standard medical Heroin (HR2O4), Urban legend suggests that Smack was both discovered and named by accident in a Glasgow squat around 1974. The story exists in many forms, but in each version the following central details remain constant:

Returning from an unsuccessful attempt to "score", two junkies discovered that the baby they had left to guard their remaining "hit" had mixed the "opiate" in with its own milk and bits of broken-up "cookie", leaving it on top of a radiator to harden into a sort of rudimentary "fudge". Unbeknownst to the hapless wastrels at the time, the milk-based alkaloids had successfully "washed" the heroin into its pure-strain form.

In the ensuing panic, half of the fudge mixture was taken intravenously and the infant was beaten to death. Hence the name. "Smack".

Other Street Names for Smack[edit]

Smack, as found at your local grocer.
  • "Brown"
  • "Horse"
  • "Brown Horse"
  • "Sleepy Kev"
  • "Skag"
  • "Scratch"
  • "Itching powder"
  • "Salt"
  • "Doherty Blood"
  • "Mister Bojangles"
  • "Wicked Fresh Mastablasta The Fun Trumpet"
  • "Jesop Jesop Jesop"
  • "Mr Brown Stone"
  • "The Sizzle"
  • "Needlehead Machine"

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