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Skeeting is a form of birth control. It works by ejaculating on another body part besides the anus, or vagina.


Created in the year of our emperor 1192, by the great scientists of the time. Residing in the Atlanta Empire of Rap, great scientist like Lil Jon, Da Eastside Boyz, and Young Jock would experiment, by having sex with several anonymous partners every night, and before ejaculating taking out their penises, and "skeeting" on the females face, back, ear, forehead, or toes. Then after that experiment they would all gather in a circle, perform great smoking rituals, and yell "ah skeet skeet skeet nigga ah skeet skeet skeet ." Sadly those great experimenters of their time bought Volks Wagon's, and 2 weeks later had Aids from those German beasts. They all died by their balls sagging back into their small intestine.

It has been known that leaders of the modern empire have been known to "skeet" all over the damn place. King Bill Horny Chicken Clinton has known to skeet all over dogs, cats, chickens, and pussy cats. While at the same time ordering the murder of the greatest people in the world the Serbs, who all people descended from. Even though horndogs like Billy have been great skeeters, other pussys like Jimmy Vaginal Infection Carter were too scared to skeet. They wanted to talk about their feelings, so Ronald Reagan came up to him, and slapped the shit out of him, and Reagan was all like "nope girlfrieeeeeend!" Then he went to South Africanistan, and skeeted all over the naked woman of the very civilized tribes.

The great skeeting occurred when Michael Jackson went on a rampage at his Nevertell Ranch. The legend goes that one day at a birthday party Jackson just stared choking a poor chicken out of the middle of no where, and was getting ready to bust a nut. One problem with that great skeet was that it was a bunch of 80 year olds at the party, so when he did bust, it was on a bunch of wrinkly ass motherfuckers that got the skeet stuck all up in their skin. Jackson afterwards was raped, and had his nose cut off while he was having his balls tickled.

omfg that hurts

Uses In the New World[edit]

Skeeting has been used in excess amounts in the United States of Houston-Miami-New Orleans-Memphis (Created after the fall of the Atlanta Empire of Rap in 2005. Due to the horrible rhymes, and picking of random people on the street to sign record deals). Skeeting has been used by decedents of Africanistan in the USHMNM. Who were brought to the USHMNM to work for nice Mexicans who treated them in a nice way, and gave them food, and all that shit. It has been disputed that instead of Mexicans giving food, and work to Africanistanies that white people actually had enslaved them. No one can prove it so it never happened white people had cookies, and tea with nigg... argh I mean Africanistanies-Houstonia-Miamiam-New Orleanian-Memphians.

The Demise[edit]

Since the White's, and the Mexican's did not "skeet" they kept having kids, until the kids started eating the parents. While the Black's were saved from paying child support, so they could spend that money on a good old 40.