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“Thanks God The-One-That-We-Can't-Name don't steal my textes. If that were happened, Inciclopedia couldn't have any quote”

~ Miguel de Cervantes on Freedom of Expression

Siempre Ganamos Algunos Euros (We Always Earn Some Euros) is a Non-Government-Organization inspired by God action, its finality is to save our souls from hell, trying to make people understand that, contrary to what you learnt when you were a kid, sharing is bad. It's like RIAA, but with even more gangsters directing it. This time, Spanish gangsters.

Main activity[edit]

Founded by the RIAA people, is a Non-Profit organization, managed by Sir Teddy Bautista, who helped by Ramoncín and another Big Genius of the Music, tries to defend the rights of all Big Artists like David Bisbal, Alejandro Sanz or Teddy (The thief, not the bear!). It gets money to make bigger mansions make charitative works, creating cultural associations like Maffia and misinformation campaings for normal people. The Directives are retributed with only a very big little money enough to buy ships, card, computers, people, religions and lives.

Due to the hate showed by some people and to the misunderstanding in their effort to act for the good of the community, this society hates users, citizens, P2P programs and anything that moves that doesn't repeat its rules made to get the sheeps to the truth.

Underground activities[edit]

The main objective of "The-one-that-can't-be-named" (the reason for this name will be explained later) is to destroy all music culture, making only mediocre artists reach people, and to sinking in the anonymate anyone with a minimum talent.

The final objective is to prepare the road for Teddy to Take Over the World, allowing him to return to the stage as only international singer. He registers for his own use some expressions, like "Pendejos electrónicos" (Electronic motherfuckers), "incardinando" (brothing), "medisinas" (medisines), "Estrato de pollo en lata" (Canned Chicken Stratovarius). With that, he will get money for the copyright.

Now, they try to get money for any devices used to play music, too. As an artifact to Play Music we understand ANYthing that makes sound. Because of that, they will get money for the MP3, Cell phones, telephones, toasters, motos, digger machines and hammers.

To organize all their objectives, they have showed to the Spanish society the "Plan I Farretxe": A divisory project in which all the SGAErs will be separated from Spain as a new country.

Now they are working for other thing too: A conspiracy to take over the Internet. Obviously, those actions are the means to Take Over The World, but Dan Brown thinks they want save a secret about Farre Messiah, an information that could destroy all bases from the Canon. Their ideas says Farré downloads porn from eMule and sells it to all needed people.


Siempre Ganamos Algunos Euros, is the NGO responsible for the closing of Frikipedia.

The 2nd of January 2002, was created a sentence in the main instance court number 22 in Barcelona, Spain which forces to the CDr provider Traxdata to do the payment of a tribute to SGAE for each CDr of data that Traxdata marked since 1997. And also we know, that several companies have similar judgments with the SGAE.

The 30rd of July 2003, ASIMELEC, representative of the CDr and DVDr distributing companies, signed an agreement with six organizations of administration, including the SGAE, which is involved for paying the canon in exchange for which only was demanded to them by CD-R and DVD-R sold from the 1st of September of the same year.


It was once a sheep-author who was walking as sheep-author by the corral-labyrinth of the shepherd-sgae and came the wolf-producer-publisher and stuck bocao to him.

Scared the sheep-author it called to the shepherd-sgae and this one answered to him: - I am partner-friend of the wolf-producer-publisher and have a contract to protect his rights to bite.

He added that what would have to make the sheep-author was either to find a good-everything-powerful-God-producer or to contract good fox-lawyers.

This, that at first seems one birria, in fact is it. He is birria of answer that left the mouth of a high director of the SGAE, "of whose name I do not want nor to decide to me", at the end of one of his assemblies, when I asked how podia to solve to a subject of contract breach on the part of the Chachipen organizations LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY and Warner to him World Music. Songs of the World. The analogy cannot at the same time be more infantile and more cynical, but their consequences are terrible. I must add that the banquet with that they were entertained after the meeting in a great and expensive hotel of Seville indeed did not leave the pocket of this gentleman and his companions.

Even more fabulous it is the explanation that gave to Mr. Presidente me of the SGAE, Teddy Baptist, during that same assembly when I requested explanations to him on "why authors undergo discrimination with respect to others, why an organization of authors defends in addition and more to publishers and producers, (it is not like having to the employer's association and the unions within the same institution, neither he is viable, nor he is honest, either obvious impartial), how it is that All the Authors do not have right to the vote, and what was that of the" soundings "with which the distribution of rights is executed" and talked back the following thing to me: "So that an author is weighed (it has certain right) is to be possessor of a" extreme work ponderada"(genere determined of money). Fantastic! Suddenly I found out that for them there are two types of authors: The Weighed authors and the authors nonWeighed. I found out in addition that the weighed authors it we could never be until we did not enter the "soundings" and never we could enter the "soundings" without a powerful company that paid for that reason to mass media. With the things thus, he is that although your work is used in radio, TV, Internet, etc. Any right does not go to generarte while it is not guaranteed by some of "his companies" that are those that will put to you or not in the coat that they have for that yes they enter "sounding". "This would understand it until a boy of 4 years; that they bring a boy to me of 4 years and me explains it " After much discussion and given the few probabilities of obtaining something in clear of this "institution", I asked for the loss of my repertoire in this organization but it was denied to me to have signed contracts with the editorials before mentioned (Chachipen SL and Songs of the World, Warner World Music) that as I said well were failing to fulfill these contracts and in addition a clause consists in them that has been rejected by the Law of the Intellectual Property in reference to the possible allowed duration of a contract of such characteristics. (In one of the clauses of my contracts it puts: for all the life, in all the universe and it affects all my rightful claimants, this assured Mr. Paco Ortega and Mr. Zabala, one of the juries of OT, that was legal and routine, nevertheless in other clauses speaks of the obligation of the publisher to the diffusion and edition of the work in the term of a year, and this has never happened.) It is not possible to be understood, therefore, that the SGAE insists on giving like valid a contract that has been obsolete within the Law of the Intellectual Property.

The questions are, then, in the air: - To whom it defends the SGAE? To the authors no. Only to some authors. - whom it represents the SGAE? To its partners no. Only to some of its partners. - Why rules is guided the SGAE? By those of the Intellectual Property no. Only by the hers own ones. - Between who they distribute the money of the rights generated by works? Between the authors of such works no. Only between the authors of "weighed" works. - Can the SGAE allow the kidnapping of works of the authors? It is legal what they are doing? - They have moral criterion? - Can use the money to support projects that already count on support of private capital? That fox-lawyers come and me they explain it! To the SGAE it interests to him that the mediatic power prospers because the mediatic power is the one that retroalimenta. They have control to do and to undo at will. They silence the voice of thousands of authors. Many of those thousands of authors in addition find their work or leaves from her signed by other names. The same one that a day presented/displayed with illusion to a great editorial and this captured quickly but noticing that they were not commercial.

In case the author is wanted to mount by his account his own Web to spread and to sell its own work comes the hyena-collector-SGAE and it passes the invoice to him with the excuse of which it is for making sure that it receives (does not receive) his rights like author. He is brilliant! Neither Rockefeller could have devised a company better nor Kafka describirla.! And I ask myself: There will be somebody in the Ministry of Culture that has leido the Statutes, the Regulation and the Law of distributions of so made famous SGAE? Dejémonos already of farces! Many authors we are already fed up to have to pay to compose, to have to support to the belligerence and the avarice of which they say, and with it lie, that is for protecting to us and defending to us, of that blasfeman in our name, which abuse the difficult labor and economic situation that they undergo the great majority of the authors, which take advantage of so much the public as the artists.

There will be worse thief than the one than robs its own companions? Either it is or, or we are going to end up having to him that to ask permission "SANTA SGAE" to use refranes like by ej.: Dame bread and bad weather tell me idiot either To expensive good or If ví you, I do not decide to me. With this same philosophy we could consider the payment of a "canon logical" to sing in Navidad... but it watches how the fish in the river drink, since the SGAE will have to assure that the rightful claimants of the fish and the rios do not receive (they do not receive) their rights No we forget either to pay to Jesulín de Ubrique whenever we say "the Impressive" word, of course my excuses to ABRADES it to make use of their Abecdario to write this article without communicating it to it to the SGAE and like no, my excuses also to sr.Groucho Marx and Mr. Cervantes to forget to send a turn to use fragments of their works. To all this only I have left to add that as much my repertoire as the one of my companion Melker Isaksson follows kidnapped by the SGAE, Chachipen SL and Songs of the World, Warner Music.

Date of today I follow with my catched repertoire and still more, cannot register in STIM, that is the society of authors of here of Sweden and that works with enough more clarity in the distribution of rights, and it is impossible to me while the SGAE does not give the loss me. I feel like in a jail. Next they are going to me to publish a story and I have one operates presented/displayed to the superior school of music of Stockholm and I do not know how I am going to be able to fix this ugly subject. Nobody, absolutely nobody, me dá a solution. Meanwhile my disc continues being sold in Vitaminic. com and the page of the record one without I have the news some of the rights that correspond to me. I am arranged to go to the courts but.... with what lawyer? My new compositions I am myself forced to send me them i myself by certified mail to register them to my name.

Did you understand why we can't say SGAE (is-Gay)?

The one that can't be named rules[edit]

  • «Ask your doctor before using Emule, specially if you're pregnant or in lactancy period. Using P2P Sofware during pregnant makes bigger the Preeclampsy possibilities.
  • «Each time you buy a CD-ROM, you copy it. Don't buy CD-ROMs. (Campaign against piracy)»
  • «All your money are belong to us»
  • «I want money, I want money Yeah Yeah Yeah, I want mooooneyyy.»

How it acts[edit]

This is the form how The One That Can't Be Named acts today in all the world regions, withous matter Religion, lifestyle or sexual preferences.

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