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Roy Masters (born 2 April 1928) is an English radio commentator and author based in southern Oregon, United States. A modern prophet who has come to liberate man from beast, he is an endless source of knowledge on the human condition. He is the author of Eat No Evil, I Have Swallowed he Devil Himself, and his classic "How You Can Be Hypnotyzed by Roy Masters".

Birth, Developement, and Teen Years[edit]

Roy Masters was born in England to a Jewish family (which given key aspects of his philosophy, leads one to suspec that he is infat the reincarnation of Otto Weininger). Given his' father's early expiration he was sent to live with his brother in South Africa, where he learned magic from local shamans. He was shortly arrested for practicing these magical techniques on townsfolk ("without a license" those racist fascists claim).

Hypnotism Meditation[edit]

At some point, Roy Masters began practicing hypnosis and utilized it in psychology. At some point he reached an epiphany, and discovered that we are already hypnotized!

At that point he began his radio ministry, from his Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU), from there he tells people how we are all perverse, sickobots.

Preditory Punks and Parasitic Bitches[edit]

Roy started utilizing this information in social psychology and discovered some profound truths about human relationships. Just about every interaction between people is either predatory or parasitic, and always ungodly, filled with ulterior motives.

He realized that the only way to avoid sin was to have no social life, and that this could be aided through the Hypnotic Meditation exercise.

He began teaching this to his listening audience and he has been popular ever since.

Radio career[edit]

He has owened many talk shows in addition to his own. He used to own Art Bell and Jeff Rense, and owns Talk Radio America apparently.

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