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March 2006
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"Welcome to the official "opening" of Radio Free Euroipods, UNcyclopedia's only 24/7 radio station bringing you all the latest news, views and the charts direct to your home...."
DJ Codey's dolcet tones from the launch of Radio Free Euroipods

Begun as an information and news service for our boys in occupied Eurasia, RFE has expanded and has now received official status as Uncyclopedia's ONLY recognised radio station. Radio Free Euroipods is a private, international communications service not affiliated with any national govenmental agency. Our funding comes directly from donations, charity work and car boot sales.

Uncyclopedia Podcast![edit]

The iTunes Podcast can now be accessed from Apple's podcast library, therefore, if you use iTunes, access the podcast directory, and search for "Uncyclopedia" and you will find our listing!

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