Onomatopoeia (Mythology)

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This page is about a Nymph of Greek Mythology. If you are looking for the linguistic term, see Onomatopoeia
Onomatopoeia by Jules Joseph Lagaffe

Onomatopoeia is a nymph from Greek mythology, who lived in the spring at the Oracle at Delphi; the spring was named for her. Her story is one of the most famous Greek myths and has inspired many artistic creations. Onomatopoeia had a beautiful body and a pure heart, and she was almost seduced by ugly, lewd and wicked satyr Socrates, but in the last moment she saved herself under dramatic circumstances. Apollo later punished Socrates by flaying him alive and making a cithar of his skin.

The myth of Onomatopoeia[edit]

Onomatopoeia had a body of graceful curves, a sweet face and long shiny hair. Her breasts were not exactly large, but their shape was gorgeous, of soft curves rising to slightly pointed tips with tan nipples. She had long beautiful legs and buttocks of perfect half sphere shapes, looking equally great whether one looked from the back, from profile or when she was leaning forward. As is the habit of nymphs, she walked naked most of the time, and so it happened that she aroused lust of Socrates, a satyr dwelling in a crevasse on Mount Parnassus. Onomatopoeia was young and naive, and when Socrates approached and talked to her, she did not suspect him of lewd intentions and made friends with him. While she already for a longer time had a lover, Ganymede , who was coming occasionally to quench her maiden wishes, she nevertheless often felt lonely by her spring, since Ganymede had a habit of leaving her for several days. Onomatopoeia liked company, and she was also flattered by the old and venerable satyr's gentle wooing. She gradually got used to his wrinkled face and body, his big belly and thick hair, and when he was not looking, she sometimes even glanced at his cock, thick like man's wrist, all wrinkled and covered with small hard warts.

Satyr Socrates

However, Socrates was only interested in satiating his lewd desire after Onomatopoeia. He often came to observe her from the bushes when Ganymede visited her. They usually went to make love near the waterfall, since the nymph was ashamed for her uncontrollable moaning. Even if she was not very experienced, she was passionate and her natural girlish instinct was telling her how to behave to her partner - she sometimes stroked Ganymede's organ, sometimes gently kissed its tip, although she never gathered courage for anything deeper. Ganymede's cock had the proper size for Onomatopoeia, and so she could enjoy fully the sweetness of life when she hugged and squeezed him, plugged up to his root in her little belly, and when on the climax of her pleasure she sucked his semen in her cervix sensitive to insanity. As Socrates observed that, his old cock swell that it almost burst, and Socrates had to stroke it again and again and he would come off in 5 seconds, but he always stopped just a moment before the top, so that he could longer enjoy the theater. He was not jealous of the nymph's lover, there were other nymphs with whom he regularly had fun himself, but it was the exceptional beauty and pure heart of Onomatopoeia that made his cock hard like a rock. Even if Onomatopoeia preferred to face Ganymede, out of her love for him she had a habit to finally offer her self to her lover on all four from behind, and that was the view which Socrates could never bear, and his cock pranced and spurted and gushed semen far on the leaves and twigs of the bushes where he was hidden.

Depiction of Onomatopoeia with her lover Ganymede

But Socrates was old and experienced and he did not directly reveal his lust to the nymph. He suspected that even if he was ugly and hairy, he aroused certain interest in the nymph. He visited her many times without even touching her, and even if Onomatopoeia was in love with Ganymede, she gradually caught herself thinking more and more about the big warty cock of Socrates, and she even started to ponder what it might feel like if ...

The situation finally completely reversed and when Socrates in one of his visits finally stroked Onomatopoieas arms, she almost could not believe her own sense of touch and her hidden hopes, since she was already starting to think that she did not comply with Socrates taste and that the old satyr favors other nymphs over her. Onomatopoeia wished that Socrates would go further in his approach and thus made it completely clear wheter he longs for her or his stroke was only a friendly gesture. However, Socrates denied his urge and he even refrained from repeating the gesture the next day. But this was already too much for him - the day after he stroked her back, and under some pretext started to stroke her legs, starting from feet and proceeding up to the thighs. His cock already went hard and stood up so much, that for the nymph who was hypnotizing his crotch there could be no more doubts about the satyr's feelings. She felt satisfaction that she was attractive to Socrates after all. She wished to stay true to Ganymede and didn't admit the option of making love with Socrates, although the view of the hardened cock made her totally wet. Suddendly she realized more that Socrates was old and ugly and he also used to have sex with others.

Socrates stroking legs of Onomatopoeia by Wotteau

Socrates did not push it further. Outwardly, they continued with their frienship game and at each visit they were looking forward for leg stroking. For the nymph, attentive Socrates was a welcome change from Ganymede, who was taking Onomatopoeia's affection for granted and had tendency to shorten or altogether skip the foreplay.

Here, the chance smiled upon Socrates - when cleaning her spring, Onomatopoeia stumbled, fell and hit her cheek bone so much that she had to lie down for whole week. When Socrates found her, he was moved by her suffering, he embraced her and lifted in his arms, and carried her to the bed. Then he went out to the forest to pick the herbs, and he even got some ambrosia for her with help of centaurs which sometimes visited Parnassus from neigboring Thessalia. Socrates spent three evenings comforting Onomatopoeia and praying to the god of medicine Asclepios until she recovered. As the mood of the nymph improved, they had plenty of time to talk over various topics. They talked about Ganymede a bit, the nymph thanked Socrates very much for being so thoughtful, but Socrates refused her thanks, saying that it would be a shame if something bad happened to such a healthy and energetic nymph as her. To this, Onomatopoeia replied:

- Actually, to tell the truth, I only pretend to be strong and energetic. I have experienced physical weakness since I was a child, and my mother taught me a simple spell to keep my strength during the day, but the day I got injured I forgot to cast the spell and I was bent down for a long time cleaning the leaves and twigs from the spring bottom, and as I stood up I fainted and fell on a rock.

Socrates was moved by her honesty: - Poor thing, you are definitely the last nymph in this forest to deserve an injury like this

- Oh yeah I'm so poor - said the nymph, drawing her legs closer to her body to emphasize the silhouette of her pelvis, bent her neck a little bit to the side and gave Socrates a painful look.

Socrates was moved by the feeling of sympathy, he embraced and pitied the nymph again, putting his right hand over her back and inserting his left hand under the knees of her bent legs, and he drew her closer to his chest.