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This clothesline does not have any clothes on it. Therefore you do not have to remove the clothing. Go back inside and continue playing Halo.

Originating thousands of years ago, Taking in the Washing was once an ancient meditating technique developed by the Japanese, who used too calm themselves before battle. Now it used by mothers to dry clothes. But why should YOU have to know how to do this ancient technique? I mean, you're probably a Video Game fanatic and never leave your room. You probably never change your clothes either. Well, I have to remind you - lazy mothers DO happen. And they most likely will make you do their work for them. When the time comes, will you be ready? Because if you aren't, you'll never get back to that last level on Halo, will you?

So here we present, and in depth guide to a horrible, slavery type chore. We hope you enjoy it.

Now, For Step 1 (Which is usually the beginning)[edit]

Clothespegs don't usually do this too you, but precautions must always be taking for events like these.
You'll look like a monster!

First we need to actually GET out to the backyard where the washing line is. This may be dangerous, as you may need to avoid hidden dog accidents and other obstacles. Once you reach the washing line, go back and get the washing BASKET, because you forgot it, you dumbarse! Now, we start the actual technique...

The Beginning[edit]

First we need to lower the washing a line a little, because you can only crawl from all that junk food you eat. Once it is down to your height we need to begin the process of removing the clothes from the actual washing line. Make sure it is not a power line because then you never hang out the washing again. Or do anything else, for that matter. In other words, you will be dead. This may be a minor problem.

Removing the Clothes[edit]


Never EVER whatever you do pull the clothes OUT of the pegs. This will send them flying everywhere and you will have to go and get them.

First, avoiding any distractions such as that dog that's chewing of your leg from next door, we need to remove the pegs, or pins, or whatever name you want to call them. This technique is complex and first we must get our fingers into a bird mouth shape. Then we grab the peg and press hard together. The mechanism inside the peg/pin should release the clothing and it will fall into the mud. You will have to go back inside and wash it and then put it in the microwave to dry. Do this quickly.

Now we have to put in the clothes in the basket. You may want to fold them, but traditionally they are just crammed in, and your mum can just fold them. Do this as fast as you can until they are all in and the washing line has no more clothes on it. This usually mean that you will not have to take any more clothes off. Therefore you should stop here. If you want, you may smear some mud all over your sister's shirt but this is not recommended as you may be grounded and STILL won't be able to finish that level on Halo. But it still may be some fun.

Returning With the Prize[edit]

For more information on this complex subject, buy this book.

Now you must get back without dropping any clothes. You have to be some retarded clown to do this though, so if you drop some clothes don't get too angry at yourself, because your mum can do that for you. Then you can just blame her for making you do it, and ask her why didn't she just do it herself. Once you are inside drop the clothes on the floor and finish that Halo level!

Well done. You have successfully completed bringing in the washing.


Just force your pesky little brother to do it. Any threat including I'll punch your face in should be sufficient.

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