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So you were once the greatest person on Uncyclopedia and then you had to leave for some reason. Now, like Richard Nixon running for another term, your undesirable presence has returned. Never fear, HowTo: presents How To Return to Uncyclopedia.

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Your Mindset[edit]


If you honestly came back to look for easy sex-related stuff then don't bother reading any further, being an IP is better for that.

Perhaps you were forced to leave this great site. Or maybe you just had to leave by someone who made you leave under some form of threat. Or you got bored or something like that. You might have thought of the funniest thing to write in the world. Or maybe you had some urge to look at the article on Yellow Fever (which is a rather sad way to come back here). Or perhaps you had some senseless desire to debase an article with a thousand rhetorical questions starting with 'Or'.

Nonetheless you are here and need to re-adjust to this place.

The Return[edit]

Returning isn't the hardest bit, unless you have forgotten how to find Uncyclopedia but we can be pretty safe to say that you have found us or you wouldn't be reading this.

Now we need to know, have you planned your return well? Will you be ready for the glorious admiration of your return? But hold on, there are some things that you need to do before announcing your triumphant return to all that is good.

Logging In[edit]


Alternatively there is an email password button that you could click on.

You will need to do this, or you will be thought of as some random IP instead of the hero that you are. On the top left of the screen there is a button with 'log in' on it. You will need to go there.

Then you will have to remember your password which you will certainly have forgotten. Just spend a few hours trying all the passwords you know until you get it.

After Logging In[edit]

Now you go to the Village Dump and create a thread. It is important to note that "Hello" is not acceptable.

Creating Your Thread[edit]


If you do stuff on Wikipedia this isn't a hard thing to do

This is probably the most difficult thing to do. What you need to do is remember your wiki formatting. You are now basically a noob so you will need to read something like a guide for beginners so you can write your thread without looking [Creationism|stupid]].

{{tip|left|This will ensure that your thread doesn't look stupid}

Once you have written your thread and posted it just await all the glory to return to you like the second coming of some guy.

Since examples are always good take a look at this to see what you might do and expect.

What Next?[edit]

If you have followed this thread you have made successfully made a return to Uncyclopedia. Therefore this article is finished. If you must you can write some story of some sort to make yourself feel better. Use the bottom of this article if you want. I'm not because this is what I did when I returned, and I am sure that nobody cares about it anyway, so why don't you go write some article instead. But don't bother with one on returning to Uncyclopedia.

Basically what I am saying is that this article doesn't tell you what you should do after you return to this place.


The thread is finished now, but why not regale yourself with some stories about other people who have returned.

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