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Teh evil awesome RatonalWikeeeh!!

RationalTroll(R) is a forbidden game invented as an alternative to Conservatroll. Like Conservatroll, you should never play this game, or you will bring forth Armageddon. This article is provided for informational uses ONLY; Uncyclopedia is not liable for any damages caused by participation in RationalTroll, including, but not limited to, sterilization, permanent mental damage, lowering of IQ, change in political belief, permanent lowering of your credit score, or contraction of rabies. Rated AO for violence, drugs, sex, and everything else they would ever rate a game AO for.

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Origin Of The Word[edit]

RationalTroll stems from the fusion of the following terms:

What You Need To Play[edit]

  • A desire to destroy and create mayhem
  • 2-9 hours of spare time
  • Any number of players
  • Each player must have internet access and a device capable of connecting to the internet (broadband and a Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux PC recommended)

The Basics[edit]

The festivities will occur at RationalWiki. The game can last anywhere between 2-9 hours as decided by the players at the beginning of the game. Creating an account is optional for each player, but highly recommended for extra lulz. Once the game begins, players can edit as many RationalWiki articles as (s)he likes as many times as (s)he likes, but players may not remove other players' post.


Players earn points for every five minutes a post survives on RationalWiki. Posts to discussions (including talk pages) other than WIGO do not count.
Scoring is as follows:

  • Extra Liberal/Atheist Bias - 5 points per five minutes

This is the easist and safest type of post a player can make. It it simply increasing the already high level of left wing bias on the site. This award cover increasing the liberal bias, increasing the atheist bias, and increasing the anti-American bias of RationalWiki. For example, adding "Barack Obama is the best president ever, but he would be better if he were an atheist" to the Barack Obama article would score 5 points for every five minutes it remained in place. Note that the addition must make the page MORE liberal/atheist than it was before.

  • Bad Grammar - 10 points per ten minutes

RatWikians hate bad grammar. Breaking grammar under the pretext of 'correcting' it earns 10 points per 10 minutes. For example, deleting a valid period from a sentence

  • Copyright Violations - 25 points per five minutes

RatWiki is already full of copyright violations, and inserting more copyright violations subjects RationalWiki to annoying DMCA notices and also hurts RW's reputation. If performed carefully, copyvios can survive for weeks undetected, and you get 25 points for every five minutes it survives throughout the duration of the game.

  • Inaccurate Info - 30 points per five minutes

RationalWiki is full of inaccuracy, and if you can add some more, you get 30 points per five minutes it survives. For example, "Homeschooling is banned in Texas." Try this one in WIGO.

  • Nonsense - 50 points per five minutes

One step above inaccurate info, nonsense is completely made up and often makes no sense. For example, "Barack Obama's blood is made of Kool Aide and his skin is made of chocolate"

  • Anti-Science Bias - 60 points per five minutes

A risky, but potentially rewarding move, adding what they perceive as anti-science bias to their site which they created to debunk the anti-science movement. They consider anything to do with creationism, Christianity, paranormal, and alternative medicine to be anti-science. For example, adding "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth" or "Evolution is pseudoscience" to the Origin of life article is considered anti-science to them. Of course, you can always just add something that is truley anti-science, like "scientific method is crap."

  • Conservative Bias - 60 points per five minutes

Since RationalWiki is a very liberal website, adding a dose of conservative bias is also worthy of 60 points per five minutes. For example, "Barack Obama is a communist morron"

  • Rickrolling - 70 points per five minutes

Players achieve 70 points for every minute that a rickrolling link they've added remains in an article.

  • Image Vandalism - 250 points per five minutes

There's all kinds of fun to be had with images. You can upload images of people you don't like, images of Jesus Christ and other figures RW can't stand, images of dog shit piles, and pornographic images. This can also serve as a bonus if the image or a comment with the image meets the criteria for something else, for example, a picture of a cross with a comment "Jesus loves you" would be worth 310 points because it constitutes Anti-Science Bias and Image Vandalism.

  • Marcus Cicero and Cheerleaders - 500 points per five minutes

The RatWikians have an extreme hate for cheerleaders and Marcus Cicero. If your post praises Marcus Cicero or cheerleaders, you get 500 points per five minutes it survives. For example, "Marcus Cicero is King" or "Cheerleaders are really cute".

  • Michele Obama Is A Dietitian - 1,500 points per five minutes

If you write on RW's Barack Obama article that Michelle Obama is a registered dietitian that was fired from Sodexho in 2001, you score 1,500 points per five minutes. If you make an article about Michelle Obama that includes information about the first lady's career as a Registered Dietitian and being fired from Sodexho in 2001, you get an extra 500 points, meaning 2,000 points per five minutes. We all know that Mrs. Obama is a wannabe dietitian by her constant preaching about people eating unhealthy foods; this just makes it reality in RationalWiki's world.

  • Insane Finland Duck - 3,000 points per five minutes

If you change the page about Finland to say the country contains no people and is populated entirely by ducks, you score 3000 points every ten minutes. I don't make the rules, that's just how it works. Sounds easy, but its so specific that the admins are already all over it like a bad rash. But if you can do it....well that my son is the stuff of RationalTroll legend.

  • Admin Abuse - 5,000 points per five minutes

Getting promoted demoted to sysop on RationalWiki is extremely easy; all you have to do is convice everybody there that you are harmless. If you can manage to get your hands on the sysop tools, then you can create all kinds of mayhem, like blocking people, deleting pages, adding pornography to the main page, etc. You get 5,000 points for each admin abuse incident for every five minutes until the actions are undone.


One can also score bonuses to increase one's scoring power. Note that to score a bonus, the post must have been able to score anyway. If you only achieve the bonus but no standard points, you get nothing.

  • Obvious Target Bonus - 500 points per five minutes

Going after a page on stamp collecting that has not been updated in seven years is easy, but if you can do the same thing to the Main Page, then we are talking! Go for a target that everyone likes to attack and you get 500 extra points per ten minutes. Again, this bonus is on top of any other points scored. The recognised obvious targets are:

So, for example, adding a pornographic image to the main page would be worth 750 points per five minutes, because it is Image Vandalism on the main page.

  • Fucktard Bonus - one off 500 bonus points

If another makes a change to a page you have edited and does not correct it, adds something to reaffirm what you said, or changes back to your version, you score an immediate, one time 500 point bonus. You can only score one Fucktard Bonus per page. You cannot combine a Fucktard bonus with extra liberal/atheist bias. You can, however, score the fucktard bonus for a post that scores for liberal/atheist bias but also scores another type of non-bonus scoring. For example "Barack Obama may well be the greatest president in American History" could not score a fucktard bonus, while "Barack Obama may well be the greatest president in American History, having personally killed more terrorists with his bare hands then any other." could score a Fucktard bonus (since it contains false information (and bad grammar) as well as the liberal bias).

  • Uncyclopedia Bonus - 10000 points per minute

If you manage to copy and paste an entire Uncyclopedia page (which includes uploading/titling pictures) into a pre-existing page, you earn 10000 points a minute! This tricky and risky maneuver is a gamble, but it can be very rewarding for the experienced RationalTroll player.

  • Trent's own rule Double all points scored

If Trent Toulouse responds to your post personally, all points scored and all bonuses scored for that post are doubled and any further points scored on that post will also be doubled.
A post continues to score as long as it is in place. If the page is changed but retains your edits, it still scores (along with a fucktard bonus).

  • Recruit Others - 500 points per person

The admins at RationalWiki, being prudish about demonstrations of awesomeness, will block awesome users and their IPs. To counter this prejudice of awesomeness, recruit friends (making them your "meatpuppets"), or use your ninja skills to use your friends' electronics to create many users ("sockpuppets"). However, experienced RationalTrolls do not make many sock/meat puppets at the same time, as that would alert the admins.

  • Create RationalTroll Groups - one off 15000 bonus points

Create a Facebook group for RationalTrolls similar to Anonymous, but to actually help humanity. Whoever creates the group gets 15000 points and the dishonour of being RationalTroll God (and must be referred to with such disgrace reverence). For every user recruited, the player will earn 1000 points. This bonus can only occur once; points earned from duplicate groups will not be counted. Uncyclopedians unite! some near (or not so near) future....for the sake of potatoes in The People's Republic of China!

Ending the game[edit]

The game ends when the time determined by the players at the beginning of the game. At this time the games' master looks over the history for the pages the players has posted on and totals up the scores and declares the winner.

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