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It's three in the morning. You've been in the pub since lunchtime. You just spent five minutes trying to unlock your front door before you realized you were using your car keys. You finally stumble in, reeking of Auld Tay Bridge Scotch. You know you should drink some water, then go straight to bed. But you're hungry.

Celebrity chef Keith Floyd makes a very respectable living by cooking whilst drunk. Wipe from your mind all thoughts of emulating his success.

Time to hit the kitchen!



Tip: Silicone rolling pins are more hygienic, easier to clean and longer lasting than wooden ones. They also hurt a lot less.

Remember: with cooking, the most important thing is hygiene. So before you begin, stumble into the bathroom. Then pick up a bar of soap and stare at it for about thirty seconds while rocking backwards and forwards. Try to remember why the fuck you are in your bathroom holding a bar of soap. Leave bathroom.

Enter the Kitchen

You now need to find the kitchen. Think hard, you must have left it around here somewhere. Stumble in its general direction, placing your hand against the wall. This will help support you and maybe if you're lucky you'll find a lightswitch as well. Light could help at this point. If things are rotating, try rotating in the opposite direction to make them stay still. After entering the kitchen, turn on the light and stare blankly. After a minute or two, realize that this is not the kitchen, unless you recently put a bed in the middle of your kitchen. A bed which seems to be occupied. By a woman. If you can call that a woman. Man, whoever dragged that skank home at closing time is going to be seriously traumatized when he rolls over and sees her tomorrow morning.

Keep stumbling from room to room until you find the kitchen.

Care in the Kitchen

If you are single, you can skip this. If you are married, you need to remember that loud noises in the kitchen could wake your spouse, and you're in no condition to try to win an argument with anyone sober. So it's important to move with exaggerated caution whilst inadvertently making loud noises anyway, in order to preserve the precarious delusion that you're being considerate.

Now you're ready to begin.


Soy cheese on Burnt Toast

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Get some bread. Uh-oh, someone bought unsliced bread. Try to find bread knife. Fail. Find electric carving knife. Wrap knife in tea towel to muffle it. Cut two rough slices of bread, approx 2mm thick at one end, four centimeters at the other, and half a tea towel. Put bread in toaster. Try harder. Shit. Well maybe if you put the thin end in first. Yeah, that did it.

While the bread is toasting, get some cheese from the fridge. Fuck. None there. Never mind, there's that soy cheese that your spouse's irritating vegan cousin brought along to the picnic that time, but no one ate it. Find cheese knife. Well, just use the foil-cutter on your bottle-opener. Slice soy cheese. Is soy cheese the same as tofu? I mean what can the difference be? Does it even melt? Never mind - you smell burning, so the toast must be done.

Place unevenly burnt toast on griller, or the broiler if you're American, then place soy cheese on top. Melt soy cheese, assuming soy cheese actually melts. Burn fingers and drop grill (or broiler) on floor, waking your spouse. Suffer consequences.

Don't worry if you are eating it and your mouth is burning. That's normal.

Shrimp Tetrazzini

Holy crap. What are you doing? Tetrazzini? Of any sort? No. Stop. You will die. You will burn the house down and everyone that previously had respect for you will no longer associate with you because you not only burnt your house down trying to cook a meal, but it was one that sounded as funny as Tetrazzini. Assuming you're still alive after having a fireball explode in your face, that is. Eat your girlfriend's yogurt instead. Trust me: it's way tastier than you realize.

Huge Sandwich

Open fridge, and lean on door while contemplating contents. Continue for up to ten minutes. Decide that you'd like a huge sandwich like Scooby-Doo or Dagwood Bumstead always has. Look for baguette, fail to find one. Use frozen garlic loaf instead. Cut length ways. Look in horror as bits of frozen garlic bread go everywhere. Painstakingly reassemble bits using toothpicks. Now we're in business!

Assemble filling - some lettuce leaves, some pastrami, some hot sauce, some pickles, some tomato slices... uh oh. Is that red stuff on the chopping board tomato juice, or did you cut yourself? You don't feel any pain, but you're pretty well anesthetized... never mind, if you get some blood on your sandwich it's just extra protein, isn't it? Or vitamin D or whatever blood is made of. Where were you? Oh, yeah, cold chicken, mayo, bok choy, hummus... wow, everything looks kind of funny... mango salsa, salami... like kind of monochrome, you know, all black and white and your ears are ringing. You now realise that is blood in your sandwich, you appear to have cut off the end of your thumb in the sandwich making process. It's in there somewhere and will add to the meat content, not to fear. Pass out standing up and leaning against the cupboard. This will add a special ingredient to your super sarny. Drool. Come round in about 5 minutes. Don't bother trying to cut more bread. Instead, just place you head and mouth in general direction of said contents of sarny and proceed to "munch".


Cheap instant cake (drunk chef's impression)

Preheat oven to whatever seems appropriate. Get packet of cake mix. Try to focus on instructions on packet of cake mix. Hold a hand over one eye, so you stop seeing double. Ah! There you go. Gather ingredients. Realize that you don't have butter, decide that mashed potatoes has similar consistency. Realize that you have no milk, use beer. Realize you have no eggs, improvise egg substitute from wheat-bix soaked in milk. Shit. Looks like you did have milk, after all. Too late now. Attempt to grease a 30cm (12 in.) cake tin. Remember that you have no butter. Grease tin with garlic flavored stir-fry spray. Mix ingredients in what you hope is a bowl, then pour batter into tin. Cook until bored. Eat immediately, regret soon after, while on the toilet at 5am.

Two Types of Leftovers

Right, you've learned from your mistakes. No more complicated meals. Just have that leftover pizza. Or maybe that Chinese takeaway. The pizza looks kind of inviting... but it's just plain cheese, and you want something spicier... hey, wait a minute, why not, like, put the chow mien on top of the pizza, and put it in the microwave?

Mmm... not bad, but it needs a little something... got it! Potato salad! But wait, the potato salad is cold. You could put it on top of the pizza-mien and microwave it, but then the chow mein will be too hot and the pizza base will go soggy. You'd better fry the potato salad separately. Crap, where's the fry pan? Oh, well, you can always use that pressure cooker you got as a wedding present and never used.

Place potato salad in pressure cooker and place on high heat. Get bored, and finally forget about the potatoes. Finish chow mein pizza, which is now cold. Go to bed. Awake early next morning to sounds of spousal screaming coming from kitchen. Hide under pillows. Await inevitable.

Cheese and Mushroom Omelet

Omelet, omelet, omelet, omelet, omelet, omelet, omelet, omelet, omelet, omelet, omelet, omelet, mushroom, mushroom

Break three eggs into mixing bowl, miraculously not getting any eggshell in the mix. Add a dash of milk, pepper and herbs to taste. Do not add salt to uncooked eggs, as this can make them tough. Beat eggs until light and fluffy. Slice 4-5 medium mushrooms. Heat a tablespoon of butter or margarine in a frying pan or skillet, then fry mushrooms until brown. Remove mushrooms from butter.

Turn down heat and add egg mixture, occasionally lifting edges with a spatula. When nearly cooked through, place mushrooms and cheese on top. Put under a hot grill, until cheese has melted. When cooked, fold over and turn onto a plate. Marvel at how well the omelette has turned out, even though you're hammered. Take omelet to TV room and sit down in favourite chair. Remember that you left your drink in the kitchen. Balance plate on armrest of chair while you get your drink. Return with drink, and sit down, overturning the omelette into the chair. Contemplate hot cheese congealing on your best trousers / couch / carpet. Sob uncontrollably.

Cleaning Up

This is a tricky one, you need to conceal the evidence while working on excuses for those things that you broke or fouled which you can't fix or hide in your current state. The best thing is to do nothing, because anything you do at this stage will make it worse tomorrow. Above all don't try washing anything, its almost guaranteed that it will get broken in the process. Popular excuses include blaming broken things on drunk mates, or various pets and animals.

Just make a note to buy flowers on your way home from work tomorrow hope that your spouse... HOLY SHIT! WORK! You're due at the office in three hours! WAAAAAAAAAAAH!

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