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Zis is ze 'amster.

Ze 'amster (Amsterus brittanicus pussay) is a rodent belonging to ze subfamily Cricetinae. Ze 'amster is indigeous to northern France. Amsters are crepuscular animals that burrow underground in ze daylight to avoid being caught by predators, not unlike stockbrokers. Zey haz an elongated pouch on each side of their heads zat extends to their shoulders. Zis is referred to as ze pussay.


Their diets include a variety of foods, mostly fromage and baguette. In the wild, they feed primarily on snails and frogs, and will occasionally eat burrowing insects. In captivity, some 'amsters subsist on kaffe boners as well.

In bistros, 'amsters quaff 'Amstel, presumably.

'Amsters in 'eraldry[edit]

Zis is another funny caption zat 'e is going to write 'imself.

The 'amster is also famous for being the 'eraldic animal of Brittany.


Hamsters are extrordinarily famous for their great sense for fashion. The most famous acheivment by the Hamsters is the top hat. The Hamster Lord Sprinkles(who was also the first bipedal hamster) is the winner of the HAF(Hamster award for fashion) for the creation of the top hat.

Abrahamster Lincoln wearing a top hat during the signing of the decloration of hamsterpendence.

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