Glob of Ectoplasm

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They're so cute and cuddly!

Globs of Ectoplasm, commonly known as Ectos (or Slime to the layperson), are small pink semi-gelatinous objects used as a form of currency in several East-European countries. The overall average exchange rate between the Euro and the Ecto at the time of this writing is approximately 7,500:1, making them an extremely valuable commodity among currency traders, investors, and porn merchants. In addition, Ectos are so small and light, they can actually be carried into the afterlife by the ghostly spirits of the recently-deceased — finally disproving the notion that "you can't take it with you."

Many wealthy, terminally-ill Europeans (who comprise roughly 40 percent of the continent's population) have been known to convert all of their Euro-based savings into Ectos in order to screw their heirs out of their inheritances, "just for spite."

Ectos have also been known to come in green. These are abominations and must be destroyed.

What Can You Do With An Ecto?[edit]

Absolutely nothing! [1]

However, they do make perfect pearls for rich ladies' necklaces.

E-Commerce Sites That Accept Ectos[edit]

Slime a.k.a. Selim Dayanik

^ 1. This assumes that you, as a typical Uncyclopedia reader, are too poor to afford such things. If you had any money at all, you'd presumably have much better things to do than read this stupid article.