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The Funniest Thing Ever was witnessed February 19, 2001, by Amanda Watson of Beaver Creek, Pennsylvania. Amanda was walking to school with her friend Trista when, across the street, they saw a student renowned for her prissy personal grooming picking her nose. Amanda immediately burst into a fit of laughter and thereby decreed what she had just witnessed to be the Funniest Thing Ever. This set into motion the legal process of this event becoming the Funniest Thing Ever.

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Opposition in Congress[edit]

While Amanda's accounts being the Funniest Thing Ever passed through the House of Representatives easily due to the Republican majority, it found opposition in the Senate by a small group of mostly transexual Senators who maintained that the sight of fellow Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) squirting milk out of his nose after hearing a sodomite joke during lunch one day was actually the Funniest Thing Ever. Opposing Senators decried that event as being the Funniest Thing Evar, a minor but important difference. With a few Senators deviating from party lines, the bill was in danger of not passing, but a "Feed the kitten" rider attached onto the bill at the last minute guaranteed it would make its way to the President's desk.

Becoming Law[edit]

On May 3, 2001, President Bush signed the bill and officially made Ms. Watson's accounts the Funniest Thing Ever, bumping down the incumbent, James Jackson of Milwaukee WI falling into his family's pool with all his clothes on to only One of the Funniest Things I've Ever Seen.

Attempts at Change[edit]

The Funniest Thing Ever has been challenged on various occasions since becoming law by other events, all claiming to be the actual funniest thing ever. While few ever made it out of committee, there were a couple notable cases.

  • Bill Thomas, on August 3, 2002, fell down a flight of stairs and became paralyzed from the neck down only moments after complaining of a handicapped person moving slowly down the steps ahead of him. This was voted down as the Funniest Thing Ever largely for being considered too dark, but was later unanimously voted the Most Ironic Thing Ever.
  • The episode of The Simpsons where Marge successfully bans sugar from Springfield never reached vote, one senator noting that The Simpsons should have been cancelled after season 12.
  • Abortions were voted as not funny in March of 2003, despite strong opposition.
  • In December of 2005, Uncyclopedia's article on Euroipods failed to achieve Funniest Thing Ever status after the incumbent nose-picking garnered one more vote than the article did. The House of Representatives and the Senate then got into a huge flame war over which of the two were funnier.