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The Evil Robot Vietcong Army of François Nguyen

François Nguyen (French for the Vietnamese name Fen Co Ngu Yen) 1945-… Inventor of the first Vietnamese computer during the Vietnam War. He was the director of Computing Vietcong Recourses (CVR) from 1965 to 1974. With his rigorous method for developing computer network, he rule the robot Vietcong army to victory in some greats battles over Europe and Africa. But he ultimately lost the Vietnam War when a small group of Canadians hackers found a logical bug the size of Texas in the robot network big. In fact, the robot had only been tested by philosophy teachers.

After his final defeat in 1974, he moved to the United States to work on the fist rock paper scissors video game. Written in punch cards, this program managed to beat the world champion of rock paper scissors, Rass Reporcis Pockes. He won the Nobel Prize for Uselessness in 1982. Unfortunately, this programme has been vanish by the wind.

With all of his knowledge and experience, he decided to become a teacher in 1994. He sought a school to teach, but only found a place in Collège Montmorency, in Laval (Canada). He has now became famous for his wonderful web site, his difficult exams and his continuous happy mood.


  • During the final exam, if you don’t know the answer to a question, just ask your neighbour or the rest of the class and he will not notice that you cheating; Anyway how could he notice when he is away in his office the whole time ?
  • His sworn enemies are Neo and Edwards Valentine.
  • Although he is in the field of computers and electronics for a long time, he has no idea that computers are able to render 3D graphics.
  • His web site consists only of links to other web sites.
  • He doesn’t have a home telephone; only a cell phone.
  • He is known for his VoIP service called "What? I can't hear you sir".
  • He is the idol of many computer geeks in the Jakarta region.
  • He is currently the lead singer of the Collège Montmorency's quartet along with Kwame Beke on rhythm accordeon, Sophie Monet on maracas, Florent Picard with his bluetooth triangles and finally Guy Perron on lead ukulele.