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Disinformation is the exact opposite of information and misinformation at the same time. This leads to such paradoxes as: the kitten huffing paradox, the Oscar Wilde paradox, the William Shatner paradox, the Chuck Norris conundrum, and the dynamite paradox. Each of these paradoxes states that something is simultaneously something and at the same time THE SAME THING. This, as we all know, is entirely impossible.

Regarding William Shatner, for example, some loons say that he's both Canadian and Canadian. This is not true. In fact, he is merely Canadian. Therefore, we can draw from this the conclusion that disinformation is neither true nor false. This means that when confronted with any disinformation, you must regard it skeptically, as it is not true by definition. However, it is not false, so you must find a balance between the obvious truth and the obvious truth. For example, if the statement 'the ball is red' is disinformation, then it is not a red ball. However, it is also not not a red ball, which makes its practical use in English only utilised when the speaker wishes to be nonsensically undecided. It can most often be seen in speeches made by persons named George Bush.

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