Dana Rosemary Scallon

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Dana Rosemary Scallon (born Rosemary Brown on 30 August 1951), better known simply as Dana, is an unsuccessful Irish singer and former politician. Scanlon was born in (London) Derry, Northern Ireland. From an early age, she was destined for a life in the public eye, when aged seven, she won the lead role in the (London) Derry Musical Society's production of "Showgirls: The Musical".

As she got older, a life treading the boards began to lose its appeal. Deciding to capitalise on her musical talent, and her role as the world's oldest teenager, she entered the 1970 Eurovision Song Contest, singing "All Kinds Of Everything". This song brought her victory, and Ireland's decades-long Eurovision Song Contest dominance. She had some minor hits in the British and Irish music charts subsequently, but after the failure of her 1977 punk album "Never Mind The All Kinds Of Crap" she turned to religion. Soon, she became more famous for singing religious songs, such as "Don't Mess With My Tutu", commemorating the visit of Pope John Paul II to Ireland in 1979.

Since this unfortunate incident she has declined to associate with any political party, and has instead opted to campaign for "family values," most notably in her opposition to abortion. In 2004, Scanlon again set her sights on the office of President of Ireland, but the incumbents, The Nolan Sisters were elected uncontested when Scanlon failed to secure a nomination. She later in 1997 ran for a council seat on Galway vounty council and was narrowly defeated by Jack the Ripper by 1 vote.