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Blah is the foundation of languages spoken by the people of Asia.

Blah! was the famous last words uttered by Blah Blah shortly before Blah Blah's death in 1812 from a weak blah condition.

Grammatical Usage of Blah![edit]

Blah! can be used either as a verb or a noun, just like blah. Examples: "I Blah!", "he decided to Blah!", "it did Blah!", "we done Blah! already, Ma!", "I mone Blah!", and "Blah! fo schizzle, yo!" It can also be used as a word to moiuiooiuoiuoiake friends, such as "blahblahblah" would get you iojijoij'oilthree inanimate friends and "blah" would get you one. Not to mention the fact that Blah! is related to cheeseburger. Another common use of the word blah is in the total reconstruction of sentences here is an example. "Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah" this was a reconstruction of the sentence "I am so damn bored. i feel like I'm going to kill myself. AHHHHH!. I have an idea! I'll go play COD 4". An example is blah, blah, blah. This word is most often used by presidents and teachers.

Possible reasons for original Blah![edit]

Many Blahs have speculated that the reason for Blah Blah to Blah! shortly before death was the sudden realization that Blah Blah would no longer be able to keep Blah blah from fighting with Blah, and that they would no doubt kill each other, bringing an end to the Blah Family line. This line of reasoning states that "Blah!" was meant to mean "Alas! Blah blah shall blah Blah and Blah shall blah Blah blah without I, Blah Blah to blah Blah and Blah blah!"

Also, some conspiracy theorist blahs speculate it had something to do with George W. Blah's War on Terra.

The Mad Blah[edit]

There is a super villain named Blah! sneaking around the white house.It has said to be Al Gore,trying to get into office,but nothing is confirmed.Here is a message from the so called Blah!

Hello Blah!If you do not give me twenty seven million Blah's! in six Blah's!,I will blow the holy Blah!out of you Blahahahahahahahaha!Blahhaha!Blahhahoooooooo!Bl,and then the ah!Oh my God this is so freakin' funny Blah!Blah! Blah! So thats what he says does he. Up yours blah villain. I think that he is dissing the common uses of blah as a word. Let us join together and use the power of blah against him. Oh yes.

Not to mention the grues who BLAH!

Famous Blahers[edit]

Most famous for blahing is an English girl who has migrated to Australia. Her name is Blahde Blahe. She is the most famous "blaher" because she talks unbelievably fast when sober, when drunk or overly excited. As a result all that she seems to say is "blah blah blah.... hahahha.... blah blah blah, init?". Other famous blahers are Hitler, Martin luther king jr. George Bush, Obi-wan Kenobi, and all of the adults in peanuts.

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