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TV Episode of "I Love Lucy"[edit]

Ricky and Lucy buy a Robot Maid

Isaac Asimov loved laughter and watching TV. So when he was approached to write a script for "I Love Lucy" he could not refuse Even though he had never written for this medium he quoted his favourite author Mark Twain, "Writing is writing" and went ahead.

Though not one of the best "I Love Lucy" episodes "Ay yi yi Robot and skipper from POM, 1952" does introduce the science fiction concepts of Bugged Eye Monsters, time travel and robots to the show. It was revolutionary at that time when other shows had problems explaining common day items like toilets and double beds.

Episode Plot[edit]

The Tropicana nightclub is putting on a new show and obviously Lucy, Ethel and Fred want to appear. They spend all their time conniving and rehearsing new acts that they forget household activities like cooking and cleaning. Ricky becomes upset and Lucy looks and finds a solution in a newspaper ad. She buys a Robot Maid. The Robot Maid works out well for everyone, Ricky has his meals on time and the whole apartment building is clean. Lucy, Ethel and Fred get to rehearse.

Little do the Ricardos and Mertzes know, the Robot Maid is an undercover agent from Bugged Eye Monsters from the Earth's future, sent back in time to destroy the Earth. Before the Robot Maid can do it's dastardly job, Lucy accidentally saves the world. During a dance routine she trips into Ricky who happens to be holding a cup of coffee, spilling it into the Robot Maid. The Robot blows up preventing the complete destruction of the Earth. Ironically Lucy doesn't get to be in the new nightclub show.

Criticism for the Episode[edit]

Critics and TV executives believed the concepts of Robots, Bugged Eye Monsters and time travel too far fetched. The script was far ahead of its time as witness every science fiction movie and TV show after "I Love Lucy".

Even with the criticism, Isaac Asimov had pleasant memories of the script and the interactions with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.