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“I'm here for the Herb, not for the verb

~ stoner

Promotion of the verb to amsterdam
Scary Stranger with an addiction to lunchmeat and mirror lettering.

(to) amsterdam; from the old english "hampster dam", to block rodents from crawling up your ass, amster dam (noun); a device used to cover your ass. Nobody actually knows for sure what the verb to amsterdam means, but its I-form (I amsterdam) can be read in huge letters on the Museum Square in Amsterdam (villiage), so I suppose it exists. For all I know, it could mean "to spend a rough ten thousand euro to promote a non-existing word that looks like, features or is even the same thing as something you want to promote".

July 21st 2007, A Dutch girl (15) adds to this page: I think it's supposed to mean: I am Amsterdam. That why 'am' in Amsterdam is red. This is of course complete and utter bullshit: it's a well known fact the heads of the Dutch are filled with cheese, drugs and porn. Dutch people are incapable of thought, especially the 15 year old female ones.


Infinitive: to amsterdam


  • I amsterdam
  • You amsterdam
  • He/she/your mom amsterdamns
  • We amsterdam
  • amsterdam You!!
  • Amsterdam it all to Hell!


  • I'm amsterdamned
  • You're amsterdamned
  • He/she/it is amsterdamned
  • We've amsterdamned you
  • We have seen Amsterdamned
  • In Soviet Russia, Amsterdamns YOU!


  • Goddamsterdamn !!!

Just to inform you, there is no song by Black Sabbath called "I am Amsterdam". Neither is there a song by Iron Maiden called "Children Of The Amsterdamned".

The Netherlands can be classed as the Amsterdamnation.



For some reason, there is even a website about the verb amsterdam. It can be found on