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“Oh, witty humour, too bad I haven't seen or heard any in a while.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Most of Uncyclopedia's humour.

Witty humour, or just humour (notice the proper British spelling) is, compared to real humor such as fart humor and stories about getting laid, a really boring and unfunny type of humor, popular among the Brits. The level of humor reflects the poor conditions of Britain; a lack of central heating and electricity is not a thing to laugh at. Neither is warm beer. English royalty, however, is a thing to laugh at.

An example of witty humour[edit]

- Would you like to have a cup of tea, William?
- Well thank you very much! I'd really fancy it. But only half a cup and don't pour any sugar in it; doctor's order, you know!
- (forced laughter, followed by a long sigh)

  • Note to non-British readers: the punchline is supposed to be the phrase "doctor's order, you know"
  • Note:This is what foolish americans think
  • Note to Foolish Americans: A Punchline is the climactic phrase or statement of a joke, producing a sudden humorous effect.
  • Note to Foolish Americans who did not understand the original note to foolish Americans and would like another note to foolish Americans that they may understand: A punchline is the part that makes you happy
  • Note: Stop spoiling the joke, you fools!
  • Note to Fools: Read the notes!
  • Note to Notes: Tell the fools!
  • If you haven't shot yourself in the face yet, please do so now.
  • Foolish Australian: I don't get it.
  • Note: In Trotskyist circles among the British digerati, it gets you.
  • Note: E#.
  • Note: Ignore all notes, up to and including this one.
  • Note: Ignore the previous note.
  • Note: Ignore the next note.
  • Note: Do not ignore this note.
  • Note: In Soviet Russia, note ignores YOU!
  • Note: The Russian Reversal is not witty.
  • Note: Neither is this note.
  • Note: The notes, tired of Foolish Americans, Fools, Foolish Australians, Trotsky, and Russia, quit. You're on your own.
  • Note: Ignore the previous note.

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