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Swint Hall Annex was constructed as an add-on building to Swint Hall after WJU's Father Rom declared the Lebensraum Plan active in 1939...err, that is to say, 1976.

The ground upon which the Swint Hall Annex sits was once a Native American burial ground. The illustrious Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia granted the Native Americans a 2-ft by 2-ft plot of land near to the then-unbuilt Swint Hall in 1833. Efforts were made to displace them from campus once Swint Hall had been built, but none were successful until the Lebensraum Plan brought in Panzer tanks and forcefully compelled the Native Americans to bury their dead elsewhere. Father Rom wasn't sure what he wanted to put there once he got the land, so he immediately okayed the Swint Hall Annex when it arrived on his desk.


Swint Hall Annex is the location of the Bookstore of the People, WJU's company bookstore, as well as the Propaganda Room, where students can pick up their mail after it has been screened. Campus Insecurity also occupies a room in the Swint Hall Annex, where they are paid to not respond to calls.


There are two malicious Ghosts that live in Swint Hall Annex, presumably the spirits of the unhappy Native American dead. One of them adjusts the pressure on the water fountain so that it squirts in one's face, and the other is capable of possessing the automatic teller machine, rendering it unusable when it is most needed. Rumour has it that these roving spirits are somehow connected to former librarian Smelly Bison.