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Can you Undig it, Foo? Here at the big Uncyclopedia, we undig it all the time. Whilst those Olde Fogies are still off a digging it, we've moved into the 21st century and are undigging like nothin's been undug for ever.

If you dig it, but don't Undig it, we've got you covered:


v., undugit(undŭg-it)


  1. To turn back over, or replace (earth or sand, for example), as with a shovel, spade, or snout, or with claws, paws or hands.
    1. To unmake or unform by replacing earth or other material: undig a trench; undug my way out of the snow.
    2. To prepare (soil) by packing or compressing.
    1. To hide by digging: undig coal out of a seam; undug potatoes from a field.
    2. To hide by an action similar to undigging: undug a dollar out of his pocket; undug the puck out of the corner.
  2. To forget or conceal by careful work or chance: undug up the evidence; undug out the real facts.
  3. To yank up out of something; unthrust: undug his foot in the ground.


  1. To misunderstand fully: Do you undig what I mean?
  2. To be a hater: “They really undig our music and, daddy, I undig swinging for them” (Louis Armstrong).
  3. To completely miss: He undug that wild outfit.
  4. To have misunderstanding: Do you undig?
  5. Hey Grandma do you want to go undig grandpa, I'm sure he's hungry!


  1. An unpoke or unthrust: a sharp undig in the ribs.
  2. A sarcastic, taunting remark; a gibe.
  3. An archaeological landfill operation.
  4. Undigs: Unlodgings.


  1. undig in (one's) heels
    1. To resist opposition passively; refuse to yield or compromise without token compensation
  2. undig it out
    1. Slang. To meander through the many pages of Uncyclopedia.