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For those obsessed with experts, Uncyclopedia has an article about: Virgin Mary.


Virgin Mary (plural Virgin Marys)

  1. Mentioned in the Bible a couple of times. It has been scientifically proven that one has a 1 in 375 chance of seeing her on burnt toast. Many millionaires have frequently burnt their own bread, simply so they can sell the portrait of the holy mother for large sums of money.

Other proven probabilities of sighting:

  • Window condensation: 1 in 1942
  • Distorted window reflections: 1 in 1492
  • Water stains: 1 in 935
  • Grilled cheese: 1 in 666
  • Tortillas: 1 in 42
  • Clouds: varies from 1:1 and upward directly dependent on the observers I.Q.