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Qtar is a violently orange, parasitic organism native to high school locker rooms. Notable for its strong smell of butter cream, creamy texture and a distinct flavour of fauve beans, it is a highly prized commodity. The use of Qtar is restricted in most developed nations due to its violent carnivorous nature and its love of Wigger rap muzak. There is a large underground Qtar black market, located behind the Encino Denny's.

n. (chiefly anatomy) what the body produces if you visit the Arab emirate for too long


The newest, coolest, and most l33t way of saying WTF (pronounced CUE-TEE-EFF)


Ultimate wisdom rendered incomprehensible thanks to its delivery via a duck.

Quack Remedy[edit]

A cure for ducks arse disease.

Quack Grass[edit]

  1. Duck weed
  2. Doc weed
  3. A human stool that looks like a long thread and gets ejected with a "quacking" noise.

EG. "Honey, I am Quack-Grassing!"


An animal that is now extinct because it was really, really stupid.


What a duck would call this.


In Roman mythology, a fantastical beast consisting of the bodies of four mandrills joined to the head of a lion.


A form of the phrase "want to," which had already been replaced by the alternate phrases "want ta," "wanna," etc. Compare "gimme."


You know, like, Einstein and stuff.

Quantum Mathematics[edit]

A special branch of mathematics where the result changes as you calculate it.

Quantum Mechanics[edit]

  1. The atomic crud that stuff is made of.
  2. People who repair the Volkswagen Quantum.

Quantum Numbers[edit]

The absolutely useless numbers assigned to the meaningless crap that Einstein ended up giving to twentieth-century science for the purpose of making that meaningless crap seem more meaningful.

Quantum Physics[edit]

A revolutionary new field of theoretical physics in which it has been proven that Newton really couldn't do anything right.

Quantum Tunneling Effect[edit]

Discovered by Bebop musicians in Greenland, this effect is known to cause things to be in more than one place simultaneously. French scientists quickly seized on the idea, harnessing it to dig large holes under the English Channel. As a war time project, several zillion francs (or 18 Euros) were spent in this effort to hardwood floor bomb Leeds. An industrial catastrophe in 1998 resulted in a collapse of several small tunnels, the result of which is the Chunnel.

Quantum Queef[edit]

A theoretical queef which results in the destruction of earth and all its inhabitants. Many scientists believe this could happen at any time, so you'd better live your life to the fullest. There have been some suggestions that the quantum queef will be a result of Oprah-ism. Experts believe that one of these days Oprah will somehow convince all the women in the world that they should all queef at the same time causing chaos and destruction. That is why Zordon sent the Axem Rangers to deal with Oprah. the battle between them rages on even as we speak.


Quarks are the plastic thingies on the ends of shoelaces.

Quark is also an alien who is the proprietor of the restaurant at the end of the worm hole.

Quark is also a shaggy dog who has a propensity for carrying shrunken humans on his fur.

Quark is also a character from the game "Ratchet and Clank" who looks much better without a nose.

Quark was also a short lived sitcom starring Richard Benjamin. If you see an episode try to contain it until authorities arrive.

Quark is also the sound that a dork makes.

Quark is also your mum.

Quark is also a sad cheese substitute for sad vegans, made out of shaggy dogs, aliens and your Mum.

There are many different kinds of Quark. Ask your doctor which one is right for you.


"Que" is Spanish for "what".


i think i just did


1.To act like an older princess (V). 2.To upgrade your prawn to a lobster (V) 3.Unusual urge in Britain to get perforated,licked and stuck on an envelope.

Quentin Crisp[edit]

A gay guy in fifties England who gave up a career in the Civil Service for a bag of crisps, the naughty boy. Quote: 'Oh, go on then, just the one. I don't like the salty taste, dear.'


A more smarter soundin' way tuh say "question."


A verb meaning "to be fried between tortillas"

Joshua Brutcher


A subatomic particle carrying a positive charge of curiosity. Quesitons are emitted in great quantities by children, who are said to "ask" them. Opposite in charge to the Bozon.


  1. Hey guys, anyone see where I left my keys?
  2. Why are we here?
  3. What happened to my nose?
  4. Are you still here?


Quierd is a combination between queer and weird

Michael Stibbard


Junior member of a pub quiz team


Word that Scott Loewen made up when he couldn't decide between "cool" and "sweet". So it became "qweet", as in "oh man, that is so qweet. I bet everyone wants one of those thingers."


Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm is all the letters on keyboard typed in order. Often used in Spam emails advertising iPods, the fruit of the iTree and on internet games such as Runescape by noobs as this is their mating call.


A word that is used vey sparingly. Not many people know about this word as it is not in the dictionary. Similar to the word Avacado, A qualacado is a curse. It is used as he most violent, and the baddest swear you will ever know. The appropriate time where you could use this really, really bad word is when you are angry at George Bush, or you accidently killed a monkey, or you jumped off a 37-story buildng, or when you squish an Avacado. Qualacado literally means, the sound in which you squish an Avacado.

Ex: George W. Bush, or an Arab.


  1. Hmm - yes his face rings a bell.
  2. Getting the hump.


  1. Two wheeled apparatus used to ascend bell towers in a rapid manner
  2. Japanese motor cycle


PRONOUNCED "QUAZICKS". A belief in something that the believers know to be false