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An UnTunes parody of "California Love" by Tupac.

Uncyclopedia love!

Uncyclopedia...knows how to parody

Uncyclopedia...knows how to parody

In the wikaaay of UnNews

In the wikaaay of good ol' jokes

In the wikaaay, the wiki of Uncyc

We keep it mockin'! We keep it mockin'!

(Verse One)

Now let me welcome every user to the Wilde, Wilde web...

Now let me welcome every user to the Wilde, Wild web

That's right mothafuckers, W-W-W (dot) bringin' satire to ya head

The punchline hits ya cranium like ya arm to ya bed

Bring some glasses for your readin' in the wiki of laughs

We in that satire wiki with those lols and template sheets

the wiki where ya never find a edit box empty

And trolls be vandalizin' for them lulz

lean mean article-blankin'-machines, so annoying

We been in the web for five years makin mock pages

ever since Katrina in New Orleans keepin' blacks ragin'

Now it's twenty-ten and Wikia's watched me and bought me

Web traffic risin' like no firewalls can stop me

It's all funny, from UnBooks to UnPoetia

Your domain beats tha rest if your wiki makin pay

Roll your head on tha keyboard if you feel the same way!

Wilde puttin' it down for


(repeat 1)

Read it edit it baby

Read it edit it baby

Read it edit it mama

Read it Uncyc

Read it edit it baby

Read it edit it read it edit it...

[Verse Two: 2Pac]

Just out of school, ready for summer, Uncyclopedia dreamin'

Soon as I logged on the site, I'm seein' features gleamin'

Writin' for UnNews and Pee Reviewin'

the life of a Uncyclopedia where where laughs is high and its all droll

Only in Uncyc where we write not move (our) bodies for fun with guys

In Uncyc we writin' jokes not stories (just like Wilde)

Sittin' at home in swivel chairs and act snide is what we do

Postin' pages with caution we collide with other sites

Famous cause we around worldwide

Let'em recognize from the US to Polandski

Jokin' and writin' like a stand-up, it's Uncyc

So you know the U-Cyc won't write to any decent standards

Go to /b/ if you want

But give me that new page from Chron

Watch me iterate the jokes in my mind

From San Francisco to Moscow

Then Montreal and back down

Uncyc is where they put they're humo(u)r down

Give us love!

(repeat 1)

now prose it straight...

(repeat 2


uh, yeah, uh, Uncyc in tha house, uh yeah

Wikiland, Wikia definitely in tha house hahaha

Wilde, Wilde man

hey, you know LJ is up in this

Yo Australia, where you at

yeah, Australia, Australia always up to no good

(Tupac) even Malaysia tryin to get a piece baby

Duckapple, Duckapple where ya at? yeah

Throw their shit down y'all, throw it down, throw it down

Let's show those fools how we do this on that funny site

Cause you and I know it's tha best site

yeah, That's riight

Uncyc, Uncyc

uh, Uncyclopedia Love

Uncyclopedia Love