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Verse 1[edit]

I need a hat
I go to the shop
There's one on the shelf
It looks kinda weird
It screws up my ears
I look like an elf

That's not the prob
I might have to rob
I've run out of cash
But I like this hat
I'm fully for that
So I'm gonna dash

(beeping sound)


("Police...don't...hurt...me..." in background)
I'm running out
I'm running out
Might make it out
If I run out

I know, I know
It's time to go
Can not be slow
It's time to go

Verse 2[edit]

I'm in the mall
I look kinda tall
And I'm being chased
They're staring at me
Like I'm on the P
I'm gonna be faced

Look all around
No-one to be found
They're all in the shops
I walk out the door
Only to look for
A whole bunch of cops



(some instumental stuff)


(CHORUS (fade))


Arrangement, lyrics, horrible vocals, and that beepy sound effect by thematrixeætsyou, the karate black belt (talk) (flames). You can tell where I forgot to envelope certain sections, sorry about that. I hate it when that happens.

Inspired by "Urban Sprinting".