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Just another cheesy piano ballad.

I wrote this song last night

Without a pen or any paper on which to write.

So I just took my blood and wrote it out on the wall

It's clear that I am writing a piano ballad.

I have no friends and I am in no band

So I wrote for only piano; it's all you're gonna hear until the end


It's clear that I am writing a piano ballad.

I can only play two chords

In every single key

And I don't care what you say,

I know that my lyrics are too sappy

Spoken: They're crap, I know, it's OK.

I seem to have lost

Something very dear to me

Something that I feel

Belonged to me!

Spoken: Did I just rhyme "me" with "me"? Oops.

She was my S & M slave

But I loved her like I love a whipping post with two legs!

Well, she just up and left

And now I'm bitching to you teenage boys

Such is the very sad life

Of the piano ballad

Some would mistake me for talentless hack

And you know that they would be right

Extemporaneous lyricism

With words that just don't rhyme

Man, this is a crappy piano ballad

I really can't even sing

And it's clear that I'm running out of ideas

Barely even into this song and I'm already out of steam


It's clear that I am writing a piano ballad

Spoken: I guess I should do some sort of bridge or chorus or something

I needed her like a dog needs a bone

But I had the bone so I guess she was the place I was burying it

Spoken: Good save

Now I complain to you little rats

Because your parents are the ones with the cash and that's all that I care about

Spoken: Damn straight

From the bad metaphors

To the talk of those I adore

And the fake anger, pain

As my inspiration wanes

I turn my anguish

Into a Top 40 hit

And it's clear.

So clear

That this is a piano ballad.