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This is sung to the tune of "Ode to Billy Joe" by Bobbie Gentry.


It was the third of March, another freezing really frigid New York day
I had a hacking cough and my six year old sister, she was too sick to play
It was lunchtime so we were driving up to Grandma's house to eat
and Dad said, y'all are like a mobile WMD infection lab
And then he said I got some news this morning when I was reading the Times, yeah
looks like Chilly Joe our friend the iceman, he just fro-oze to death.

And mama said to papa, "Oh dear Jesus I think I'm going to snee-eeze,"
"Dear God will someone quickly pass the tissue box, pretty please."
"I've got lots of snow in front of our house to plow"
And then she said, "It's a shame about Chilly Joe anyhow."
"The Times only prints the saddest news, oh lord it's so cold I can see my breath
And now Chilly Joe our friend the iceman just fro-oze himself to death."

And papa said to me, "Child what's happened to your nose?"
"It used to be so pretty and goyish and now it's as red as a rose."
"Oh holy goddamn shit that guy does not know how to drive,"
"or maybe it's just the ice on the road, anyway none of us will survive."
And then my sister said, "Maybe he's just really high on crystal meth,"
But none of it matters now that Chilly Joe our friend the iceman just fro-oze himself to death."