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So there you are, walking down the street

Heading down to the store to get yourself a treat

When all of a sudden this dude bumps in to you

So you tell straight up what you're gonna do

You're gonna shank em' (shank shank)

Just shank em' (shank shank)

So now he's bleeding, all over the floor

Then a cop shows up and busts down the door

He says "nobody move" keep your hands in the air

But he's a dude with a badge, shank him, why care?

Just shank em' (shank shank)

You're gonna shank em' (shank shank)

So now you're on the run, on a high speed chase

You're swerving and squealing all over the place

All of a sudden you hear a big ol' "thump"

You ran over a old lady, oh gosh, what a bump!

But then you get a flat tire and run into a forest

Where you find some weird hobo who looks like he's had no rest

You walk up to him and say, "Man do you reek"

So he says, "Well don't piss me off I take karate every week"

Although you're confused on how he affords karate you attack him anyway

But what happened after that you can't remember to this day

We think he shanked you "shank shank"

Just shanked you "shank shank"

So now you're dead, haha sucker!

Well you're dead... so I guess that makes this song over ...which doesn't even rhyme... so screw off.