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Oh SHIT, get yo controllers ready!
It's all about to go down
Get in the motherfucking room
Put in the motherfucking CD
But first, check if the console's connected to the TV


I'M PLAYIN' A GAME! (I'm playing a game)
I'm playing a game (I'm playing a game)
Everybody look at me because I'm playing this awesome game! (this awesome game)
I'm playing a game (I'm playing a game)
I'm playing a game (I'm playing a game)
Take a good hard look at the motherfucking game!

Verse 1[edit]

I'm PLAYIn' A GAME motherfucker take a look at me!
With graphics way more awesome than what you have ever seen!
Don't need yo PS3, don't need yo 360
Cause I got my own game, and it's real nifty
Check out the gunfight bitch, it's real awesome shit
Check out the blood on da floor, fucking looks so real
Oh wait you puking now, you a baby-baby!
I'm playing this awesome game, you fat old pussy-pussy!

Verse 2[edit]

This is an awesome game, so exciting and shit!
So much better than what you have back at home, ya dick
This ain't no fucking dream, this as real as it gets
I'm playing a game motherfucker, don't you ever forget!
I'm playing this game and
It's really cool and
I think I just defeated another boss and
It's get tough and
Oh fucking goddamn
I guess I'll have to start over again, man

(SHUT the fuck up! This game's fo REAL!)

Fuck sports, I got EA motherfucker
Fuck history, I got Assassin's Creed motherfucker
Fuck Indiana Jones I got Uncharted 2 motherfucker
Fuck Lara Croft, for the same reason motherfucker
World Cyber Games, if you could see me now
Blowing building after building to the ground somehow
Or scoring goal after goal to get a new high score
With a couple cheat codes, anything is possible


Never thought I'd play such a game
It's got me hooked for the whole fucking day
Oh yeah, baby, I'm gonna win this
Never thought that I'd the see the day
With this great game coming my way
Never thought my mom would get mad
It's just a game, bitch!



Shawtahayy, shawta-shawta-shawtahayy!