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This is a song about a loser kid sitting at his computer on MySpace while his friends are having MUCH more fun than him. I hope you can identify with this youth's pain.


Home on a Friday Night.png

My name is Alex and
I'm just laying down some tracks
Cause everyone's having sex
Except for me

Cause I'm home on a Friday night

I should be off hanging out with all of my friends
But I'm still grounded and my parents locked me in
I'll run up to my room and sing an emo song
I'll cut my skin because now everybody's wrong

Cause I'm home on a Friday night

My only friends are on Uncyclopedia
It's so hard to rhyme Uncyclopedia
My Bagel Bites are still in Microwavia
I better check messages on MySpacapedia

Cause I'm home on a Friday night

Doing pot
By myself
Not as fun
Hate my life
No one to drive me home
I don't wanna be home

On a Friday night


Vocals, guitar: Gustav

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