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Dye it bright red like a clown

Open up your dressing gown

Flash the people in your town

Grow your pubic hair.

Let your private parts relax

For their sake, spare the wax

Prevent genital attacks

Grow your pubic hair.

I'm so tired of being shaven

Balls get colder when they're slick

Better just to have a hairy dick.

Triangular furry patch

Accentuates a simple snatch

Also makes you quite a catch

Grow your pubic hair.

Cover up the pubic mound

Spice it up for going down

Have a bush to beat around

Grow your pubic hair.

Aren't you tired of being barren?

Let your muff go wild a bit

Tell me that you love a hairy slit.

Short-and-curlies need a chance

During horizontal dance

Throw a party in your pants

Grow your pubic hair.


Original Lyrics: The Traveling Wilburys • Messed Up Lyrics: Mitch