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Hello this is Anna from the satellite TV company and I would like to tell you about a great deal we are offering. Wait a second. I bet you're thinking about hanging up right now. I'm sorry Dave, but I am afraid I can't let you do that. So you better suck it up and listen to me.

I am fucking sick and tired of you dipshits hanging up after I only say two words. I spend all day calling people, trying to help them, and all they do is not give a rat's ass about what I have to say. I mean come on, It's not like I'm one of those damn Jehovah's Witnesses! I'm the one with the good news: a great fucking deal on a satellite dish! I mean, who wouldn't want that!

But no, you say that you're just trying to sit down with your family and have dinner. Fuck you. If you're such an asshole to me and what I have to say, then I want nothing to do with you.

I'll just sit at home watching ESPN off my frikken’ cheap satellite hookup. An did I forget to mention, it comes with free access to porn? Yeah, envy this bitch! Should have listened to me instead of hanging up.

Go die you fucker. Muahahahah!

Well then, you've changed your mind? Ok then.

For English, press 1.


Para español, prensa dos.

Hola me llama Anna de el comerso satéllite telévison para un yo habla estar a excellentivo servísio es al offãrio....


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