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Combine in Da Hood is a song by the hip-hop group Combine in Da Hood, off their self-titled debut album. The group members are Hardone Ice, DJ Raid, and MC Killit.


Combine in Da Hood.png

Hardone Ice:

It's pretty hard livin my life

with tha gangstas in tha streets

and all that strife

but I'm so cool and really nice

cause my name is Hardone Ice

Now some haters say I ain't legit

And so I must admit

That to some people there ain't no use talkin

My AK will get them walkin

the hell outta here

god damn, my guns are so severe

cause damn, I'm more gangsta than Mork from Ork

and I'm more relevant than that PC game Zork

Well now I gotta jet

but don't go crying yet

cause I got a friend who ain't afraid

and his name is DJ Raid

DJ Raid:

Now I'm DJ Raid

y'all can't evade

now don't go looking so dismayed

'cause I'm so fly you can't compete

now get the fuck out or I'll shoot you in the feet

Life in tha streets is pretty hard

like this scene the other day

it got fucked up in a new kind of way

some dumb bitch didn't like my style

so he tried to make his trip worthwhile

by shooting me in my own backyard

So what do you think I did?

I shot him in the face and then he slid

because I do forbid

any fuckin' with me anytime

'cause my rhyme is so sublime

Now I gotta hand that mic over now

To a friend who's got the know-how

He's got the brain and ain't afraid to use it

So everypeople, here's MC Killit

MC Killit:

Well folks I'm on you know what that means

but fuck your knowledge it ain't worth beans

I got a Benz worth sixty grand

so get out before my backhand

meets with your face

get the hell away you damn disgrace

before I pop a cap in your ass

and leave you like shattered glass

Them god damn cops fuck with me every day

they piss me off in the worst way

what I wanna do when I see a pig

is pull out my gun and watch him squeal

as I crush him beneath my heel

Yeah, it's hard, Life on tha Streets

but as you can see we got tha dope beats

them posers ain't got shit on us

We're Combine in Da Hood - you a car and we a bus

Well I too have got to go

It's been fun on the down-low

See y'all bitches in tha next track

if you don't like it you can't get your money back