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With the G8 summit already under way in Italy, what better time could there be to re-release a charity song no one liked the first time round?

Storming up the Billboard Top 100, with "Babies with Rabies" - a re-working of the 1984 Band-Aid classic, it's Bono.

The Lyrics[edit]

Tour of Mozambique, 1999.

It’s G8 time,

See my face there on TV.

At G8 time,

Forget old Sting and look at me.

In my world of plenty,

How can I seem saintly?

I'll throw my arms ‘round leprous kids,

At G8 time.

But say a prayer,

You’ll pray to me real soon.

At G8 time, it’s great -

'Cause I sell more tunes.

There’s a world out there that loves me.

And it’s a world that buys CDs

Or downloads this shite from I-tunes,

For a bargain 50p.

And seven pence of that gets sent off – to some sort of charity.

Well, tonight thank God it’s seven, not forty three.

No Geldof seen on CNN this G8 time,

The Nobel Prize for peace this year is mine,

I’ll cuddle refugees,

If they’re not too diseased.

Do you think they’ll make me God this time?

For just three pounds a month you can keep Bono off TV. Just three pounds a month. Just three pounds a month...

Here’s to you – send a quid to the Sudan,

Here’s to me - I’ll earn feckin' loads of ‘em.

Do you think they’ll make me God this time?

I'll feed some babies,

All the little, brown babies with rabies.

Feed some babies,

Please don't let them give me Scabies.

Feed some babies,

Do you think they’ll make me God this time?